Common women, uncommon stories #12

Yesterday, all the news channels were showing the murder that showed a mix sort of reactions by the people. A camp of around 4-5 people who were involved in unscrupulous activities were killed by an unknown Angel. Police is busy investigating the case which has no clue to relate to who did that.

She was undressing herself when she switched on the remote to watch that news. She put out knives from her arms first, then blades from waist and finally gun from the socks. It was a busy day, she thought. She switched off the Tv set, laid flat on the bed and closed her eyes, it flashed the day she was doing her usual chores of the house when few men forcefully entered her house and scared her, the moment she decided to protest in shouts, they stabbed her son who’s sleeping irrespective of any danger. She somehow, managed to keep her safe from the pointed guns and by the time she was all in attack mode they left the house.

She took deep breaths when she opened her eyes to realize how far she came from that day. she was left with no choice, just to destroy the enemies of her village who shocked the entire place that 2nd September. She does extensive search to point out those whom she destroys every other month, just to save her villagers what she lost.

Created by : Shalini Sharrma

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