Common women, uncommon stories #13

She has dual personality, she’s rough and tough – all in her place of duty, checking the important case files and getting the truth out of the criminals with her 1st degree formula and when the clock strikes 5, she’s a soft heart, lovely wife and a mother of 2. Her work is always on her mind as the batch on her uniform differentiate her from other females and add on a special responsibility towards her Nation, while cooking she tries to get all the ingredients of the case puzzle in order just to get the required end result. And next morning, she just attack the case evidences further. It’s just like every day she’s working 24 hours except on Sundays when she keep her mind relax with a good book to read to her children.

But that day when she get to know about her promotion and her transfer to another place, all away from her house and the duality she was managing since long. She has a tough decision to make – and she choose her duty over her house comfort now she’s more stronger than ever.

Created by : Shalini Sharrma

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