Common women, uncommon stories #14

It’s difficult for her to decide on any guy to tie the knot with, so one day after lunch she went out to visit orphanage and was so moved by the kids who were welcoming her with open arms, playing as if she was her own mother and let out greeting cards for her. While back home she wondered if it’s really important for her to get married to someone and have that status of being a mom, why can’t she just be a single parent.

Her parents were almost shocked on her decision to adopt a baby girl and be a single parent throughout her life. They just try to convince her that marriages do take time and you’re young enough to take that sort of decision but she was all ready to welcome that beautiful daughter of her which she raised herself to be a Sports Star of her country. Her proud old eyes and wrinkled face gets lightened up whenever she’s being interviewed ‘Why she choose to be single mother ?’.

Created By : Shalini Sharrma

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14 thoughts on “Common women, uncommon stories #14

      1. Its my personal taste to have positive inspiration but being a writer you are awesome in playing with every emotion of life.

        you dedication for your commitment makes you apart from others.

        kindly keep touching every flavor of life beautifully as you have been doing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks a lot, your feedback has really improved the perspective in which i started this series and I’ve made sure that every story i wrote give an inspiration in one or the other form. Thanks again 🙂


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