Common women, uncommon stories (Flashback)

14 days back i started off this series of Common women, uncommon stories. We often talk about women who have proved their worth being in white collar jobs, successful entrepreneurs and diplomats, even sky is no limit to them in today’s time. But everyone can’t be that happy go lucky, so then i decided the theme of my next 15 days will be common women , that common thing we all have in common like fighting every day with tough decisions, ensuring her dignity at workplace, to liberate herself from suffocation  and to break the shackles of rituals as well as taboos when required.

My deliberate decision to call them, none other than SHE make them universal, if you take any women from any NATION, you’ll definitely find the common thread across diverse cultures, religions and conditions, that common thread which is still the same that binds every other women irrespective of freedom they have got.

I started all with the woman who liberated herself from being a burden that was to be tied as sacred knot of marriage, then she saved her dreams with her decision to back and fight. She literally decided to build a strong foundation like her character, scaring all the staring freaks with her confidence and ensuring that waist size hardly make a women strong. Even while handicapped she found a call for a new life, conquering the fear and  making a route for education by forfeiting the taboos around. She even proved her sense of justice irrespective of the gender she’s supporting, she helped youth in rehabilitation although, her own pain of losing her daughter was far more and learn to love without barriers, to fight the law, if required. She did it every time. She was least scared to pick her weapons to save the innocents like a messiah, her only weapon at times was her duty towards her Nation that she chose over her house and made sure that even if she had to live as a single parent, she’s ready to make someone’s life better.

To conclude, although, this series is the best (according to me) till now I’ve expressed in limited words and exclusively for women that common thread she faces every day. It’s not a goodbye from my side and i’ll be writing on it, the moment i’ll encounter any common thing WE all share to make a world a better place to live in.

Thanks to you all READERS for being a part of this series and for your feed backs that improved my stories a lot, even to half marathon by Blog Chatter 🙂


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