Missing You.

This month is cruelest of all,

that brings back those happy days I left long back,

Our fun, our cheer, our tears everything that i could hardly relate to,

Your saying, my complaints, nothing sensible though,

The drying rain, the weather that’s no use,

Or am i still struck in that lovely time of OUR,

The fights we fought, the arguments we had,

The faith which shattered so easily,

Your words that still echo in my ears,

This month is the cruelest of all i must say,

It fails all my attempts to be a new ME,

I get back to my cave of melancholy,

To sleep and wait for this month to pass out,

so that am less injured when i come out.


44 thoughts on “Missing You.

  1. This is what happens when your happiness depends on someone. Learn to be alone and enjoy your company so if someone leaves your life it doesn’t affect your happiness in any way. Let go and chill .

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      1. It’s all because we forget the value of present, the present moment and focus on the past or forever.. what if’s and what would have , take away your happy moments of the present

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  2. Thanks God month has finally gone. New day , new beginning, new hopes , new desires, new achievement, new pleasure, new contentment, new you , new turn of life.

    Do you need more …. inspiration or that much is enough ?๐Ÿ˜Š.

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