The Specs story.

Hooked to human nose, just in front of 2 eyes and resting my legs on the ears adjacent to the face, am all set to help the mankind. I was born from an idea to read better, as far as i can recall, it was in Italy around 1268 to 1269 when an anonymous used me to hook me to his nose to correct his vision. Nowadays, I am much more in fashionable range than before, all in rainbow colors and am no longer confined just for reading purposes, even few people do wear me when it’s no sun outside and show how cool they are with me πŸ˜›

It’s good to know, me and my next Gen population is increasing at a tremendous rate as even little kids have vision problems, thesedays and my little ones correcting those, how proud parent i am :’) Β All thanks to this human brain that instead of creating luxurious things of true nature ,they are creating dumb machines which are operating them in return.. HAHAHA.. πŸ˜€

Forget it, long live our generation, irritating the one who wears it and right now am proudly at work whose typing this, she’s a careless girl, throws me high at times and phew.. i land on soft surface ,sometimes and sometimes am hurt. And when am hurt she’s scolded to be that careless and then she tries to have her revenge by mending me first and then bringing a rivalry back home, although he’s of my race but she never use me again then 😦 Ah! i got bored being in that cage specially designed for me to keep me safe and i lost adventure in life like this, i am forced to live a life of desolation till the day she broke my rivalry and needed me urgently. The only day i go out is when she has an exam, she make sure i’ll travel with her in her beautiful bag in case she needs me.

Hmmm… am not fed up with this life but at least let me have some respect i earned while helping her out. She never listen to me, except putting me on her nose and just type.. type.. type and type.. God knows what she types the entire day and just fix a book whenever tired with that typing business. Okay, i try to peep through her social network messages that i would gossip at night with the other inanimate things around me but since they are equally brainless as i am in a cage, i avoid the conversation. The glasses fitted in me are my best friends but are always magnifying my state, so i avoid them too when i really don’t want my feelings to get magnified or corrected.

We specs are lucky to be born as such to perform good karma to the myopia and hypermetropia eyes by bringing them more fashion and nerd SWAG πŸ˜€ Finally, i’ll find a publisher soon to publish my story which will inspire generations to come πŸ™‚

Created by :Β Shalini Sharrma


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