Brewing love story

I boarded a bus back home and the moment i entered it, it was all unexpected.. trust me. I really don’t know that am about to encounter a brewing love story which i’ll be narrating through these limited words πŸ˜›

The guy was the bus conductor with curly hairs, thin body dressed up in check shirt with stripes of purple and white imprint with grey trousers and dimples on his face, whenever he smiled or spoke. He was very much in his business since i took the bus from the starting point when the commuters were coming and filling the vacant positions, he was there with the driver so i spotted him later on as he approached for the tickets. His business was still confined to himself – shouting out when to stop and when to start from the bus stops and after few stops, probably nearby a school few girls headed to the bus and by that time they took the bus, it was already crowded as every bus has limited seats so, they – all 3 girls had no choice just to stand by the gate just a little bit towards where the conductor was standing, every conductor has a spot just behind the gate and to the window sill and was still operating his business. But the moment one girl among the 3 just in front of him started talking to him, he was amused with the fact and i guess he was enjoying that talk with a slight laugh at the end, thereby, returning back to the stops & his business. No, am not accusing him of anything and am not judging any girl but the moment i noticed that he got busy with comforting the girls by moving the standing people to a bit more forward or backward or at least not to stick to the girls thereby creating a protective shield against the discomfort of the jerks announced by the driver, time to time ( and these people are so cool, so cool, so cool that they apply breaks just a few seconds before collision and phew… all is well that ends well ) that’s how a bus journey is Rollar Coaster ride πŸ˜›

So, he was quite careful that no trouble to be caused to the girls and at times he had to instruct the standing commuters by almost pushing them away with his hands ( only to the male candidates πŸ˜› ). My critical eye was on him because past 15 mins he appeared to be entirely different than he was i guess in not so good mood. Its like waving off the negative energy he was surrounded with and bringing more good feel as he is to work for more 6 hours. The intense look and discussion he was engaged to came to an end when girls reached their destination with their heavy bags on shoulders and headed to their respective places and the bus getting less crowded for me to notice his expression once again, clearly this time. As soon as i reached my destination and few girls in front of me pleading him to stop at the next stop but when i found him taking couple of minutes, somewhere i don’t know, his mind lost not much in his business so, i yelled out loud,” Bhaiya, rokna zara and he just flagged the bus driver to stop at once”. Thus, giving his mind a stir.

P.S : Since i was sitting to the left corner ( there was only two rows when you enter – left and right and few seats at the end), facing the gate, at a considerable distance of 5-6 people in front of me so, i hardly able to record the exact talk and the exact expression of Le filles (Showing off my French a bit ) esp.the targeted one, except seeing their reflections in installments due to much crowd in the front window, almost peeping through distance. I just noted the guy’s expression- before & after, so don’t accuse me of being biased or misogynist πŸ˜›


19 thoughts on “Brewing love story

  1. I read it twice to understand the story emotions and message behind the story and the punch line at last .

    Is this the love story that was much awaited ?

    I just had I glimpse of poster of a movie . Where hero is bus conductor, and remake of some other south indian movie.

    Good read indeed. You are so keen observer , god knows how many love incidents have you reported in bus so far…

    Nice depiction , have angle of writers emotions but school girl and conductor feelings for each other missing I guess ?.

    Wanted to know more about story….

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    1. Hi ! As i mentioned in P.S i was unable to get the conversation and girl’s emotions as the bus was crowded and since it’s a real observation, i don’t mix fiction with it or i really don’t want my mind to cook stories πŸ˜› This one is the 1st one i followed and observed as i had none to do @ that time !


      1. True true, I thought about that story last night. School left same time daily bus more or less same , same conductor ,same group of girls, I mean same girl.

        Same protection in crowded bus, same small talks , exchange of comfort ,

        We don’t know ? May be the seed of comfort and protection being exchanged from years, may lead to good understanding, faith and sympathy for each other .

        I am sure trust and sympathy and understanding for years may lead to affection and that is how those wonderful moment and love created.

        Feeling those moments being a spectator and brewing love story line is definitely a good job.

        You said you had nothing to do during that short span of journey.

        I thing more correct version would be you were capturing those Beautiful moments into simplest and shortest love story.

        I don’t know ? May I know ? Rest you or god knows ?…😊😊😊😊

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      2. You summed up precisely. Affection is created in years to call it a love. I was just getting the psychology of the person by observing his behavior and i was not observing them to write on them later until evening when i thought this could be a good read and thanks to my memory i recalled exactly or almost near to what i observed.

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