A new self.

Even though she was with him, she was all there alone, her head on his shoulder, thinking of how to take this relationship further. It’s difficult, extremely difficult to carry on like this – all by herself handling the stuffs of no importance, having sex without feelings and to just try to charm him although her entire self wanted to liberate, be free like a bird while he was planning their kids by her side, her thoughts wandered on self which was far away from her true self and then at night she saw a hole in her dreams, where she entered to never look back.

Next day she was found dead as if she liberated finally when she discarded her roles as a daughter, wife and a carrier of life to next level. She wrapped herself with saffron clothes precisely a blouse and a saree and just went off forever to find her self, her true self not at all interested in this world anymore. She has already got a part of her true self, though.


P.S : I wondered why it’s there in my drafts, maybe I’ve created this when i was writing on the theme – #StrongWomen . Partly, i guess it’s inspired by Shashi Deshpande’s novel,”The Dark that holds no terror”. It’s my favorite because finally the protagonist Saru decided to face her fears and not to confined her more.


16 thoughts on “A new self.

  1. Very beautiful end indeed. Today while coming back to home. I was thinking about freedom. Does freedom can be attained at particular place, or in situation . Is freedom bounded with external factors ?

    A man who is liberated. No matter whether he in prison or at palace. Being king or begger. Householder or saint. Amidst of crowd or alone.
    Traveling in plane or walking on street. Responsible for billions or careless maverick. He or she is ever free.

    One who understood reality of life . True nature of existing world. None of the condition outside in this world can imprisoned him. He can feel freedom within.

    I have not read many books in my life. But life itself is the book I found intriguing enough to keep me busy.

    Any how my above said lines may look like out of context, but wrote now.

    Hope you will ignore them if does not make any sense to you.

    Liked the concept .

    Happy blogging.

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    1. Read it twice, so much gyaan ! I agree, it’s the inner sense of freedom that matters. Take popular personalities like Nelson Mandela or MK Gandhi, both were confined in prison, had to face gruesome situations but their inner calm world never let them out of focus for what they wanted. This reminds me of Kung Fu Panda 2 where inner peace is emphasized which can shake mountains and no matter in how much chaos you are in, the moment you’ll close your eyes, you’ll have that worthy thing that’s constant – Inner peace.
      I hope am making some sense with regard to the point you made ! Thanks !

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      1. Yeah you are making lot of sense. Examples you quoted are very true indeed. No doubt you know what I am talking about.

        Thanks for affirming about peace and true sense of freedom.

        That means I talk more with you on these grounds. Hehehe…

        Good morning and wishing relaxing Sunday.

        All the peace and freedom to you.

        Have a great day.

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