Inner Peace

‘Come…come.. inner peace, i don’t have much time left to leave for my office’ pleaded Rishab, almost murmuring to himself when his 4 year old gave a skeptical look to his behavior of talking to himself.

‘Ma, What’s pa doing ?’

‘Nothing son, he’s gone mad and talk to himself most of the time. Why don’t you go out and play’ . He just ignored his dad and went out to enjoy his holiday. The moment he went out, Rishab’s wife yelled out to him to move out, complaining at times regarding this & that and he said nothing, nothing at all.

Instead he was smiling, he got that inner peace finally he was trying for past half an hour which made him realize there’s an order in chaos, silence amid noise and inner peace within external turmoil.

“Universe is mysterious and the one who made it, too”, he went happily to his office as if he found something big that day 🙂


14 thoughts on “Inner Peace

      1. yes dear.. try to sing a song while the tv is on . when we could hear our own voice in the midst of a heavy noise, it gives us a different feeling…what should i say more.. just try it..

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