Yoga Diary #5

It’s almost a month when am pretty regular with Yoga, and i truly feel the change. I hardly spend 1 hour and in that 1 hour i learn to control my postures, bring flexibility to my body andΒ Inner Peace. That’s where i find him – The Inner Peace, the only hour of the day when am with myself, being one with my body and one with the universe who’s constantly watching around.

The day i did SuryaNamaskara (a yogic posture) i was never the same. I felt like every part of my body is on fire, that fire of flexibility (although, it ached my back when i last tried it trying to hold more of every step, it has lot more steps but this time i hold it right πŸ˜› ) which will surely give you a satisfaction that you did something today. I have seen many people hitting the gym, lifting the dumbells but trust me if you make them do SuryaNamaskara, either they’ll fail ( i bet on that) or their flexibility will surrender maybe because they are training themselves for something hardcore.

Okay, forget it. I was telling you about Surya Namaskara, if you’ve less time and want to exercise also, try Surya Namaskara, it will tone your body perfectly in just 15 mins and depends on how much time you would like to hold on to every posture.

Yoga Progress : *Tada* am able to do sarvangasana .. yayy… almost a step behind head stand πŸ˜€ Am still not that light to perform Mayurasana or even near about it 😦

Yoga Goals : To be able to do head stand and Mayurasana πŸ™‚

Till next time, Adopt Yoga and attack the day πŸ™‚

In path of becoming a Yogi.

Shalini Sharrma




17 thoughts on “Yoga Diary #5

  1. I have been practicing yoga , for almost 4 years now. I can understand what you are saying. Include pranayama in your schedule too if possible.

    If you ask my discipline in doing yoga it would be 300 days out 365 days of years.

    Many times I practice it for months in row , some times I be lazy , but never abandoned it. Yoga poses, pranayama and meditation put together can takes you to the different world, where in not only you are mentally and physically healthy beyond explanation, but it introduce to you from your real self which is beyond body and mind.

    No doubt any form of exercise is good be it gym , swimming , running, cycling but only yoga in its perfect sense not only makes your body flexible and peaceful mind but opens a realm of spirituality to us.

    Yoga is perfect science within can transform our life in better way. Yoga not only keeps away life style disease way but opens the door to feel the nector of bliss.

    No doubt surya namaskar is perfect way to start the day. All the very best to your journey ahead few things are explanation in thier true sense. Yoga is one of them.

    All the very best keep sharing, Keep doing.

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    1. Wow.. A Yogi you’re, it’s a good score though – 300/365 days. The ultimate test would be in winters, summers are easy to pass with 1 or 2 days gap in case you want more of sleep or want laziness to win over you πŸ˜€
      Oh ! yes, i do pranayam in fact atleast 20 mins in that 1 hour i focus on pranayam, anulom vilom, brahmari and kapalbharti. All help in focusing intently to inner self. Yoga is a full pack which has everything for everyone and lately it has helped me to maintain a morning schedule better.
      Thanks !

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      1. Why I have shared my success rate to you that don’t mind if you gap comes due to specific reason and start again and again.

        Some times due to inevitable circumstances we missed our routine but then again start .

        Winter have been more disciplined for me, because they are more quite .

        Any way , wishing all success and peace on your path ahead.

        Keep doing , and don’t worry about irregularities see the larger picture.


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      2. Yes you are right .
        Winter morning are made sleep and enjoy the cosy quilt warmth. When you feel chilling temperature.

        Bed is heaven in winter, who wants to come out warmth. Very true indeed.


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    1. Yeah, sure. It’s difficult but not impossible. Try and try, because even i had problem doing it first time and am still trying to hold that for atleast 3-5 mins cz it’s painful and you’re almost in rush to get your legs back on the mat πŸ˜€

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      1. yes, after a break it’s difficult to muster up but make sure you practice every step many times to avoid any back ache or head ache because initially it will do both plus most of the pressure is not easily able to divide on elbows and neck, so it’s pretty risky at once. Go slow.

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