We all face choices, every now and then but today i gave this choices a deep thought, do we really have a choice. I mean even if we have what are the possible options ? That’s why i like that line from Hamlet By W. Shakespeare : ‘To be or not to be is the question…’. 

To be honest we have only 2 options in terms of choices we think that exist – ‘Just to do it or not to do it’ that’s it. No other choice, no third option or no 4 options like ‘Kaun banega crorepati’ every other thing or option we seek is just a trap to remain indecisive, a detour to what we really wanted to achieve. It’s always ‘to be or not to be’  wow, am excited about this insight because lately am struck with a decision to go for a thing or not. It’s okay if i do extensive research, deep introspection or whatever, i have only 2 options – either way will have its own pros and cons but no mid way. That’s it.

Free Gyaan :  If you’re struck with anything and your heart says something else and your mind says something else so, remember just go for it or step back but make sure to calculate every risk so that you never regret in future.

Have a great day !


14 thoughts on “Choices

    1. Yes, it does but ultimately that’s the only factor signaling ‘to do it or not’ but in fact i read somewhere your mind decides in a secs what you’ll be doing or not doing so, its mostly convincing the mind and get things done or leave that actually have no significance.

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