It’s when you love

You forgot the world, they say when you love,

That’s not true, everyone has backup plans.

One always in dreams of his/her love,

Absolutely wrong, how could then one sleeps 8-9 hours long.

Everything appears beautiful & world, a better place,

It’s just the shift of perspective when you’re in love.

One spends less time in company, more time alone,

Even in that case you’re busy figuring out the person you love.

You want to be with him/her most of the time,

But why then at certain point one really wants to break it up.

Promises are made, vows shouted out loud all with a hug,

Still family logic feels more sensible than that stupid love.

It’s when you’re in ❤ , you’re logical , sensible, understanding, passionate, calm and be awesome each day,

Instead of making castles of sand, you ❤ to be in ❤

P.S : I believe its high time LOVE needs true LOVE and sensibility instead of what LOVE is presented since ages 😛


17 thoughts on “It’s when you love

  1. I didn’t not understood your perspective, may be I am dumb.

    I believe it’s first line is poetic expression of love. But why are you against those love of expressions .

    Any way loved your replies against statement.

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      1. Ok agreed !
        How how will narrate a fictional love story . What would the state of being the character who will fall in love if you are a writer .
        What’s your opinion about hindi movies good lyrical hindi songs.
        Have you seen love ? What is shape of love ? How does love walk , talk and move ?
        How does love take birth, nurture and die ?
        Does love look alike birds , plant or humans.
        Can we touch, see ,smell , hear the love ?.
        What are factors on which we can define he or she is in love ?
        How to express the love ? How to feel love for self and others ?
        Have you ever read any fictional love story or a movie or any other real life depiction of love from mythological love you are impressed by ?
        I mean, in cut short can you define love ?

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      2. so many questions in a go 😮 I understand what exactly you want me to say, we portray love as new thing, something out of this world yes it is but i guess mostly people exaggerate alot that’s annoying. Wait ! i can prove this through my story. Thanks for the idea ! 🙂

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      3. Sorry I didn’t mean to force you to answer all these questions. Now I feel it’s not right.

        Just wanted to know if you are rejecting one way of expression of love.

        What is your opinion about ideal way or right way to express love.

        Take your own time if you feel like expressing in your story.

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      4. Words are enough, i mean one can write poetry or stuff or haiku 😛 for its expression, eliminating the exaggerated part like her face was like moon, oh come on how could she resembles a moon both are different.

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      5. Hey don’t take me on serious note ever , I am ever curious to know how you think. But never judge or criticize any one on this ground . Just be comfortable what you are. You are perfectly awesome.

        Sorry I could never hurt any one or you for that matter consciously, I am not aware if that happened in ignorance.

        Since my point view is always slightly different ( I am not claiming right ) many times I have to walk long distance to understand others perspective.

        So far I have enjoyed reading your posts and sharing my views as blogger.

        Hence I find you ideal and perfect in your approach . I may not be up to your standards .

        Just out of curiosity some times I ask questions out of the way, later I realise that you felt uneasy many times.

        Kindly let me know if any thing to be taken care off.

        Have happy Sunday evening.

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      6. OMG.. you think a lot 😛 It’s all okay, i mean i don’t expect others to agree my views, i really appreciate out the box opinion and maybe at times i am wrong but again it is okay. Sometimes it’s difficult to know perspective of the other person and it is like maturity of mind due to which differences occur and since am an infant as a blogger, need to learn more from different angles plus if ever i feel like being uncomfortable i chose not to reply back 😀 or further debate. I’m actually good at it, proud stubborn. Happy Independence Day !

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