He was standing there on roof of the house checking the work he was doing, inspecting at times to make sure he did that right. Then, he just bend and was on his knees to fix those iron rods which support a house, hammering it at times, doing everything minutely to make sure everything’s alright.

The moment he turned, revealing his orange T-Shirt which had the word Superstar inscribed on the back, i was glad to see that. In fact, the co worker that joined him too wore the same T shirt with Superstar on his back. I wonder from where they got those. Then, they both got busy fixing the rods in that new structure which will soon be someone’s house.

That word actually sums it all.


12 thoughts on “Superstar

      1. Yeah very true indeed. I got in right sense.
        But then thinking may be you have got any movie super star as your neighbor…and I am not aware about that.

        Hehe hehehe any way thanks for clarification.

        Liked by 1 person

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