Nightmares or warnings ?

Struck with an incomplete dream this morning, my alarm kicked me out of the story i was in. It was scary, a desolate place, an Auto with its back open, have never seen that kind of Auto before and 3-4 other people with me and i don’t know i hardly saw the Auto driver and he/she vanished, where Β i don’t know. The place was such barren, dark but still light to see what’s in front yet not entirely gloomy, silence was all around and few bushes not even the trees. There in the front i saw a Tiger and a Bear, i thought we were watching a movie and my heart panicked when one of the commuter said, ‘Tiger is coming this way, do what i am doing’.

I hardly got the chance to see him, what he was doing and saw the carnivorous animal peeping in by the back of the Auto, i saw his face too, intently and i was like damn what to do and i Β just held my breathΒ to sit still , which i exhaled very quickly in front of him many times and gave him a look that am already dead and won’t taste good, then i remember that formula is for the Bear if you face bear. Now you can easily guess the end of the dream, although i woke up at the time of ACTION ! πŸ˜€

I wonder nightmares are just outcome of unconscious mind and thoughts as D.H Lawrence said,’ repressed thoughts’ or it has some warnings attached, toΒ interpretΒ ?



29 thoughts on “Nightmares or warnings ?

      1. It cannot be said that what we see in dreams are directly related to what we already thought, perhaps somethings are totally new and we experience it for the first time ! So “At least 1%” is a reasonable no. !! πŸ™‚

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  1. There would be theory behind dreams too, may be we are not aware about them.

    Our soul is on endless journey , what we have stored in our subconscious mind we don’t know ?

    Yes some times we try to chase our dreams once we awake , since we live that life and feel every emotion with equivalent quality which we feel in real life.

    Just lean to enjoy life in both real time and in dreams being spectator.

    None can harm your true self. No can save which is not permanent.

    Loved the narration it’s really scary night mare .

    You are bravo who faced tiger and still alive… Hehehe just kidding.

    Do write about sweet dreams, they do happens in our life.

    Have a great time ahead !

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    1. Hahah… I never had sweet dreams actually i rarely dream, that’s why this was the one i shared about. Again you nailed it with that super line which is my fav. now – No can save which is not permanent. As far as dreams are concerned entirely it is the suppressed thoughts and even thoughts during the entire day we think. Like today when i woke up i watched cute cats of all colors in my dreams and i remember last night i was in search of a cat if i could spot one i thought and then slept. I guess, i got my answer. Hence, Proved πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for taking out time and replying. I am glad that you liked one of line and it has become your favourite.

        Wishing you many many sweet dreams ! Hence each of us deserve being sweet in our dreams too ! And it’s free of cost too. Hey just kidding. Hope you will not mind.

        I believe you have soft corner for cats, and no doubt they are cute, I saw picture of a cat in one of your recent post.

        Is it not that cat is cute ?

        Any way wishing you Happy Raksha Bandhan to you . Wishing you all security and safety , success , respect and regard to you.

        Hey is not Beautiful ritual in our culture which is purely based on, where brother takes a pledge to protect her sisters . Indeed it’s beautiful message for all women to realize them that we as a men all protective and caring for all of you.

        This is a very women empowering festival. I highlighted deliberated to escalate the point you have always concern for women at large and you wrote for them consistently.

        So I close this comment here .

        Have great time in your life. My best wishes for you to cherish each one of your role.


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      2. Yes.. cats are so cute.. πŸ™‚
        Happy Rakshabandhan to you too. What i read somewhere is this festival is not confined to sister and brother but earlier Hindus and Muslims used to tie that knot of protection and to ensure love and security to their brothers. Yes, in terms its women empowering festival yet i believe that we should make women self sufficient to not to be dependent on anyone except herself, again in terms of bonding its a cute festival. Happy day ahead !

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      3. Yeah agreed ,

        I don’t to know it’s correct or not but , initially it was started as tie of protection for their husband , being as king they used to go on battle ?
        But one thing is for sure it’s protection band and expression of love between brothers and sisters.

        You are right , women should look for being self sufficient.

        Yes I agree , expression of love is always cute and pleasing. Where both giver and receiver equally enjoy this emotion.

        Have Great time ahead or may be here and now.

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      4. Wow.. never knew this but for this you mentioned we have moli we say in hindi that red colour auspicious thread. But that’s quite interesting too.
        Oh ! It’s always fun to be here, even while am drafting few new stories.

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