She Boy

She was there on the roadside sitting in front of the temple selling garlands made of Marigold and beautiful roses by her side. From a distance she appeared a girl with parted hairs, almost beautiful flicks that touched her forehead whenever the wind tried to enter through it and a pony tail with white ribbon neatly combed dressed up in royal blue jeans, a black shirt sort of and a yellow top underneath the black shirt. She was a bit dusky in complexion, with beautiful Β black eyes and a comparatively small face, must be a student or a drop out can’t say.

The moment a boy who was carrying a luggage behind his so jugadu motor cycle with a long carrier attached to it passed by, she called out and he stopped, she continued as,’ Oye, mummy ko bhej deo’ (Listen, send mom here at the stall) and he looked at her and said,’ Ji sahab or yes, boss’, smiling and went his way. Meanwhile, she passed her time asking guys this and that and even beating up a small kid for abusing or such offensive words.

‘ Oye, tu mere raide ka dhyan rakhega, me tjhse 2 rupiya dunga’ ( Hey boy, will you mind my stall, i’ll pay you 2 rupees) smiling, she winded up her stall a bit and went out to seek her mom, i guess. I just got to see her SWAG, the entire gestures of her body speak more of her as a boy and i miss that girl being neglected.

To me she appeared a Boy dressed as a girlΒ or maybe the society made her a boy finally.


20 thoughts on “She Boy

      1. Right ! but all girls are not tom boyish and they don’t dare to get into the realms and things specified for boys exclusively. So, at times if you handle both gender its awesome no ?


      2. I don’t think it is a choice like that! To enter the realms specified for boys exclusively and all seems to be like talking with a baggage in mind, therefore trying to rebel and therefore being a tomboy! Some are born that way, what’s the fuss, let people be what they want to be why cage them.. free spirits my philosophy!

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    1. Why not ? and lately i decided if ever i’ll write a fiction my characters will always be common from daily life. In fact common people are more interesting if you observe them and write about. Why don’t you try ? πŸ™‚


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