Re-telling a tale.

He was searching the way to hotel when he called out a rickshaw puller to take him to the hotel and the rickshaw puller nodded and let him sit with his luggage, there he started having a conversation about the place, things and the surrounding which was almost barren and desolate til he could figure out where he was exactly, he found himself in a graveyard, holding his breath almost sweating seeing the pitch darkness and a reddened sky reflecting bloodshot stars, he ran as fast as he could to escape, he still don’t know from what. En route he found a man to whom he asked about the rickshaw puller who was carrying him to his hotel but vanished all of a sudden, even he wasn’t sure about how did he land to the graveyard nearby.

‘Be careful man, these rickshaw pullers are none other than the ghosts fooling people and sending them to the place of their death. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE HERE. Take that way and you’ll be on road again’ and the man vanished all of a sudden, his state was pathetic still he took a chance and moved on as told.

At the end about an hour of walking, he found the road and walking a considerable distance he found the hotel finally, asked for his friend and the room no. to his relief he found that his friend had reached safely. He just went to 1st floor to search for Room no. 106 and then to his room. The door was opened and he saw his friend facing the mirror, he was admiring something in front of the mirror not to disturb him, he just put his bags in, closed the door and sat on the sofa till he yelled out loud, a scream that almost had his lungs out.

He saw his friend turned around in big long hairs, almost grey in between, a scary face with wounds all around and red eyes which were staring him and he just get out of the room to find the manager where he found that there was no manager in the first place – in a second that hotel disappeared and that same graveyard appeared, he found himself standing on a grave which was making a sort of commotion there inside – he just ran as far as he could when he met the same man.

‘What’s all this ? Where am I ? Who are you ? Please let me go home’ he begged to the same man who cautioned him DO NOT TRUST ANYONE HERE.

Till today his essence is missing, few people found him wandering as the rickshaw puller carrying the humans to the world of immortals.


And when i asked him,’ Was that true story ? or just a creation of your mind ? till our bus get ready to take us back to our hotel. He said nothing and left it to us to figure out. He was our tour guide while we (the entire class) all were on Himachal Pradesh trip, it was an awesome experience to listen to a story amid Mountains – Mountains are in itself mysteries which you can hardly solve and don’t you even dare to because you never know when will you become a mystery yourself.

P.S : I added few things to scare you even more, do let me know if i managed to scare you. I don’t mind scaring you more in subsequent stories πŸ˜€

– Story Time (Compiled and Created By :Β Shalini SharrmaΒ )



38 thoughts on “Re-telling a tale.

      1. You are making me blush…. I’ve already raised my collar…..
        Why don’t you visit my blog you may find something more like this (LOL… I am bad at marketing)

        Yea. He will always be there…. Lying on the veranda like a crocodile… That lethargic lovely Trigo

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      1. Yeah I have read it very next day, but could not comment due to constrain of time.

        This is awesome story has been narrated by guide on tour and have made it even more Scarry.

        Did you enjoy being scare , do let me know ?

        Do write some thing pleasant and Serene .

        All the very best.

        Sorry I couldn’t respond on time !😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s okay, thanks for reading. No, i don’t enjoy being scare but i enjoy to scare others πŸ˜› You know this immortal world is so captivating and at times i wonder to go back and do some research on it.
        I’ll make sure i’ll write something calm and pleasant as well time to time apart from scary stuff. Thanks again but everyone loved it. It’s you who said write some calm stuff.

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      3. Haha
        Only people who are still child at heart , look for simple and calm stuff, kids can’t tolerate scary stuff, after all people like me are still sensitive like child.

        Being a loyal reader, I am bound to read your posts, that’s why suggested.

        I knew people loved your posts. May I will try to read them at day time when more people are around. Just kidding.

        All the very best , keep writing stuff that make you and larger group of reader happy.

        Have great time.😊

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      4. Ohoo.. Dil to bachha hai ji.. but as a child ghost stories attract my attention more than calm ones πŸ˜› yes, in fact i was about to suggest you the same to read in day time – less scary, the scary stuff. Thanks πŸ™‚

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      5. Haha I got it right word !

        But seriously I am not Darpokkk , rather I am brave and fearless.

        Let explain you with small story.

        Once there were 2 saints , used to live in small hut. They used to visit near by villages for thier alms . One day one has got none as food, in the evening at the time of dinner, one who has got nothing , kept his empty bowl in front of him and started to pretend that he got Daal in it and more over he was acting that he is having it with full of taste and joy.

        After watching him, other saint asked him what are you doing , you have got nothing in your bowl and you are faking that you’re eating some thing ? he replied, ” that I am imaging that my bowl is full of daal and enjoying it gracefully.

        After knowing the fact ,other saint suggested him that if it’s sheer fantasy of eating daal, then why don’t you fantasise eating Payasam/kheer .

        Moral of the story if it’s only a fiction then imagine for the best possible fantasy.

        If we are writing fiction then why can’t I write about a story that is full of bravery and talk about being fearless life.

        If I have read fiction , I would love to read a story where life is full of bliss and ecstasy.

        Instead of being scared I would love to see protagonist, who is fearless and conquered all ghosts and insane characters.

        Where Ghosts scares with the Presence of Protagonist, let it be fictional I would love to see Ram as avatar in demons world.

        I hope you got the my perspective now, sorry at times I go out of context.

        You’re are awesome writer I know you can write equally good on being brave and fearless !😊

        Have great time , I assure you I would continue reading your stuff no matter it’s scary or bravery 😊😊😊😊

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      6. Wow.. you’ll soon be able to give sermons πŸ˜› Good an eg. but am still wondering if he had thought of kheer, his hunger would have increased 2 times than with daal πŸ˜€ so much to learn. OH yes, i already have that kind of brave and fearless story in my drafts ready to be read. Just need a right time to post it. Thanks again, the story was really good.

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      7. Very true, Kheer can make the hunger double, but when supply of Kheer has to come from imagination then let it be.

        I am glad I could express my perspective to you with the help of story.

        Haha I don’t have any planning to preach , but of course , spirituality is my field of intrest and hobby, my most of the perceptions are based on spiritual principles.

        Glad that you are working on such story. Will wait till the right time to read the same .

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Wow !😊
        Accepted your wishes gracefully. Wishing you back all success and Peace as a blogger and rest of your roles you’re playing.

        Though our path and journey are having different directions but we are connected with this medium called blogging.

        Happy blogging, have great time ahead.

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