Yoga diary #6

The situation is hopeless as i am hardly able to manage my yoga schedule for a week back to back laziness and me enjoying an hour or more sleep than getting up early to see the beautiful dawn. It’s sad no ? Almost 2 months and am still not regular as i know I’ve very tough Asans to handle. It’s hard to realize that you’re surrounded by negative thoughts and future that’s spoiling the present.

But one good thing i can still see through all this week’s episode is – You never feel the same after yoga or any other exercise – full of vigor, strength, motivated and eager to tackle the day. Am happy with this insight. I’ll be very strict with me from tomorrow. Enough is enough !

Till next time.

In path of becoming lazy

Shalini Sharrma


17 thoughts on “Yoga diary #6

  1. Don’t be upset and short sighted, see the larger picture as I have discussed earlier.

    Life is full of ups and downs , you can’t be disciplined like machine.

    You’re trust in yoga and experience of benefits will bring back to you again and again.

    Enjoy and learn how to come back to the track !😊

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      1. I am glad that my words come out as motivational to you.

        Keep doing ,good job.

        Yoga is no doubt , holistic approch to life .

        All the very best, looking for the motivational posts from you on this subject.

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  2. Happy to meet another yoga practitioner 🙂 the winters had slowed me down as it’s freaking cold I don’t feel like moving… But now that the spring had started I am hoping to get on the mat more often. Good luck with your routine.

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