It’s common, you know.

I always wonder why a man who handles household chores these days is given a skeptical look, and of course slammed with a question,’ You mean you don’t work ?’ This question is enough to rob a man off his masculinity in society, even if he thinks otherwise and words do ego in silence that irritate him the most. Why ? Why ? we do not give any credit to people either Man or Woman who works at home, taking care of every other thing and working endlessly because trust me household chores are never ending. Situation is much worse with male candidates whose staying at home and not working (how ironical, even the housewives work is not accounted in GDP of the country.. Why ? Why? Whyyyyy ? forget the male ones).

Lately, am very much sympathetic to this issue because Males of this society are confined in that rule of being strong and bread winner all the time so, people obviously find that hard to accept that if a male goes out of the context, will be laughed at and neglected even or maybe tagged ‘zoru ka gulam’. That’s why the working ones don’t help even an inch in household chores, that’s pretty annoying absolutely against the definition of equality.

Maybe, that’s why our mothers don’t teach them necessary skills that are taught to girls (Multi-tasking), they are trained to adapt everywhere whether they want to work or stay as housewives.

But don’t we need to change ? We need to give men a chance to be in women shoes and to feel confident no matter in what they do ? so that at last men as househusbands can say,’ It’s common, you know’.

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18 thoughts on “It’s common, you know.

    1. True but everything will and has to change slowly na. If we leave it, it won’t do good than frustrate few plus see cooking was exclusively for women, now mostly men like it and don’t feel shy cooking at home.


  1. Very interesting post, I loved the concept of being male and home maker .

    Idea inspire me to the cores , I believe you have slightly changed with your idea of injustice with female in society.

    You wrote in favor of males first time I assume.

    Great post, very positive and inspiring.

    Great write indeed.

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    1. Thanks, see it’s like they are always you know told k this tasks is for exclusively girls and they don’t feel odd working out, so why men feel odd while working at home ? plus if anyone has specific interest then. He had to succumb to society killing his true nature. no ?
      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah there was recent movie came , which has exactly the same theme .

        It’s just our cultural back ground and conditioning of mind, otherwise things just simply exist they are never wrong and right, but our logical brain keep on segregating them better or worst , beautiful or ugly, wrong or right.

        No work is smaller or greater , how you execute it can make difference.

        Anyway I am very much in favour of the idea, you have raised.

        I am glad you have become more dynamic and versatile in your writing and covering variety of subject, not only Scarry or injustice with females.

        You’re horizon have expanded with the help of your writing skills, what I have felt today.

        All the very best to you as writer .

        I am very much glad that I could connect to you and fortunate enough that I am reading your stuff and allowed to express my views on them , despite few times my I have slightly different views .

        You’re are not only perfect but humble and kind who have flexibility to understand others and adopt better things on positive note.

        Once again thanks to you for your valuable time you spare to write about sensitive and serious issues of society.

        All the very best for your journey.

        Good morning have beautiful day.

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      2. Good Morning ! You’re kind enough to praise me in almost every posts. Thanks for that. It boosts, not flatters. I write what i see and feel. I want to make a difference if not practically why not inducing people to at least think about few things that need change. The time you mention scary, my mind starts plotting one more scary story to scare everyone more πŸ˜›
        Thanks again !

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      3. No body can dare to flatter you. You’re such precise and perfect in your approach that no body gets that opportunity haha just kidding.

        On serious note why I read your almost every post and comment is having only one reason.

        You’re honest and sincere in your approach. You really mean what you quote. It’s like interacting in real life.

        People like you are very rare, who avoids being flatter but look forward for sincere feed back on thier posts.

        I have no choice left but to embrace your scary post. Fingered crossed . Eagerly waiting.

        Thanks for being a part of blogging world.

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