Favorite quote #2

fav quote 2

So, true ! Hope is a golden gift which can shake mountains, feelings are just how you use them to your advantage like your failure, the sadness it generates that you can use as booster to bounce back better and more creatively or that of happiness to create and share smiles with many. Exceptional – oh yes ! everyone there around is exceptional it’s just one need to focus on oneself and search one’s unique point that all have it. Lastly, Everyone is needed because in order to create that unique impression, to create that out of the box example every being on earth is important. This makes my favorite quote #2 which almost wake me up from negative emotions around.

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Till next time !


37 thoughts on “Favorite quote #2

  1. Ah! And you come with another kick-ass post for the beautiful quote. You will be happy with my theme for sure. It is indeed important to feel that one is unique and enough. This quote is one of my favorites too. I hope this month treats you well. 🙂

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      1. Definitely , your explanation forced me to wrote on the quote as subject, unfortunately directions are different.

        My last post “quote” is inspiration from your post ” favorite quote ”.

        Many times spiritual grounds compel us to think in different way. Hope you will understand different perspective. I never claim to be right , but yes many times not pro to others concept.

        Ha ha if you want write it here for you !😊

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  2. Hope is always a good thing but it also does have a positive and negative side to it. These days people find it hard to differentiate, i have lot of quotes like this which kinda makes me feel good and gets me motivates for good things.

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