To be or not to be…

We all face such choices everyday and every ethical or  unethical situation changes and can be defined as per the situation faced. One can’t always say that stealing is an offence, of course it is but what if that stealing is done to save a life in danger. Will you still call it unethical ?

Exactly the same situation i faced months back when i stopped at a red signal and found a guy selling the pirated copies of few novels – he handed me the secret by Rhonda Byrne, although it was clear the pages and the material was totally in poor state plus the print was such drastic that would let anyone refuse it as i did. After that scenario i went back and opened my social media where one author was critical about the piracy issues without considering few more perspectives, i really gave that experience another thought. If that piracy could provide him a better earning. What’s wrong in earning like this ? There are so many out there who did piracy of various things as a main business flourishing tremendously in it, then why he be not given a chance to better his state ?

We know what our govt. does in the name of schemes and employments and if he be provided a day’s labor job, he had to degrade himself further and I’ve seen shameless rich brats the way they behave with these poor people and how they cut wages of these people just to earn a little more profit. If you just go and survey you’ll find that these people get such low amount that they are forced to either resort to criminal activities or to die with ever growing gap which makes poor, the poorer and rich, the richer. In this era of scams, people play with future and money of the entire nation then what if he earns few more rupees out of pirated books. I know it’s crime but what if it’s a question of survival that dissolve the conflict of to be or not to be… Will you still call it unethical ?


39 thoughts on “To be or not to be…

  1. I think ethics, morals and values are all very personal issues. When we share our books to read, that is not called unethical. I think people will do whatever is necessary to survive, and you have spoken about that perspective so well.

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  2. of there is no crime, while thinking from his eyes…and this is the world, often makes us confused with the right or wrong.. just listen to the heart and brain..if they are in sync, nothing to worried..

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    1. True, if this heart and brain sync but in my case that happens rarely. Else my mind towards north and heart towards south 😀
      Still i believe from next time i’ll put that question in front of the same author who argued endlessly on it.

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  3. I don’t know ? may be I am completely wrong. Yes I am wrong indeed , but please allow me to express my views.

    The idea of copy right is absolutely a mechanism for intellectual property right which helps to maintain some sort of law and order to sustain the justice.

    But really ? Something like copy right is actually a original work of its own. Which is 100 % pure and having no inspiration from others previous establishment and achievements.

    May be with example I can explain better:-

    Suppose we work for a IT firm and built one software and registered that product and it becomes copyright to one organization.

    But same group of people join different organization for better perks to built similar kind of application.

    What about the information that team had in thier mind as experience.

    Can we really implement piracy law 100 % , along with attrition, all information of organisation transferred with employees and helps other organization to thrive.

    One of the very famous film director made statement that nothing original except God, rest is inspiration. I am very much with him.

    All the basic facts have been established in society are prior to arrangement of such laws.

    I am not against the law for piracy , we should implement strictly, but remember if we implement each and every law as per constitution, cost of living will become very high.

    Every one would be earning more and spending more for same services.

    It’s greatness of the nature that human life is surviving , none can take away resources from this planet only location of same may differ.

    If one is becoming richer he has to utilize that wealth here only.

    Any way let me come back to the context and Unethical is unethical. If we have any law of land that should be adhered and maintained.


    I have heard about this book ” secret ” sounds interesting.

    Thanks for escalating social issues.

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    1. You’re right ! Unethical is unethical and author must get all the royalty for his efforts but seeing the administrative situation and exploitation of such people induce one to go ahead and help them. Thanks for your opinion, helped alot to understand the issue i raised better. You’ll love the book if ever you get hands on that, do go ahead and read.

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      1. Well it depends on the needs and motive of a person. If the needs and purpose are genuine then I believe there is nothing wrong in doing something uncommon (unethical to me is a very negative word, so using uncommon) 🙂

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    1. I respect your opinion but what if what if, the survival of a person is at stake. Would you still adhere to that being unethical, provided that most other unethical things do happen in other high profile areas since Independence ?


  4. fascinating observation Shalini. It is true that many people have the odds against them and it is very difficult to even earn a basic living. so in that case I would say that the people who have to resort to such ways could be given an alternative solution, say creating a new program where they are introduced back into the main work force of the society and they are hired into doing work which isn’t based on a model that compromises the efforts & earnings of another industry. So ya I am saying that piracy is of course to be avoided for the sake of the makers/creators who put in great efforts behind producing something, but that can only happen when there is an economic stability across all levels of the society, a place where each one has access to the means to grow and become a functional part of the society.

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    1. Very well expressed Omkar ! But again all depends upon how much efforts we all make to ensure their existence possible plus realize every work should be awarded and respected. Thanks for your views, super thoughts you have to find the middle path !


  5. Interesting and valid questions, andance this has got me thinking…I have often come across such booksellers at signals. What they are doing is a way of means for them. If not this, then probably they would turn to crime? Who knows, what their story is, where they have come from. Morals and ethics are very independent to one’s thinking and upbringing…I am not sure what is right here. But if I put myself in that bookseller’s shoes, I would have thought that I am doing good the right thing. At least I am not begging or stealing…

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