The Narrow Escape (1)

The moment his hand was on my right shoulder, i panicked- a sweet chill ran down my spine. I looked back to figure out the person.

I shifted almost 3 yrs back to this place , what was the good thing about this place was greenery all over , a kind of serenity that rule this place. Though, the house was small but enough for the two members – me & my books. I have been living alone since i left to study high against the odds. I chose the place instantly because the place seemed to posses a vibration i could sense – a kind of Aura that seemed to attract my attention and thus, within a week i decided to shift with my luggage and full fledged Library. I am literally in a new city with more strangers around me, even the air i breathe sensed to be odd but i don’t know why i felt i’ll be able to make the entire place my own, sooner or later. Being happy in that small house of mine with 2 rooms, i was feeling liberated – liberty from all the restrictions i was bound to, to live and be what i choose to be. The moment i shifted, i decided to go out and be a flaneur. I took my bag, locked the house and went straight to the market where i saw a procession where men were dancing ragingly, it’s difficult to see the site and a fear gripped me round my waist as if Fear want me to die at that violent and furious activity. Later on asking, a commoner told me it is their traditional dance form which is still in practice. It was unusual for a girl like me. From there on i moved to the central area, full of hustle – bustle of traders competing to sell their products. I observed a hexagonal shape carved out of a leaf, decorated with sandalwood having a round figure at the center. I went and inquired about it to the seller, he told me it’s a dhatu (matter) which keeps the evils at bay. I gave a little laugh at the thought because who believe in evils/Angels in this scientific era but due to it’s exquisite design i decided to buy it for a few rupees. I kept it in my bag and went for the ice cream. I forgot i was hungry.
After the market, i went straight to a park for some fresh air but to my surprise it was all vacant.
‘How could this be possible ? Not even a single child/ adult in the park, playing or walking.’ It was crazy and odd at the same time, keeping my safety in concern i returned just after a walk straight to my house with lots of bags in my hand. I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for myself where my knife was missing. I went to my living room to see if i forgot to take it out from my packed luggage, as i bend to check out i felt someone’s watching me with its two big eyeballs. I closed my eyes for a moment and talked to me to ensure i was just taking the horror story i read few weeks back seriously. Well, i managed to find a new knife in my luggage, so i went back being busy and slept after filling my tummy with poha and salad. I resented being awake after 10, so i just put my bed in order and slept.
Next morning was bless, i opened up the windows for air to fill my lungs with energy for other activities, since it was my 1st day of college, i don’t really want to be late. I bathed quickly, prepared my lunch and packed it, still chewing the sandwich which i gulped with a glass of milk. Taking deep breaths to control my excitement, i went out confidently as if i’ll conquer the entire college the very 1st day. As i was about to reach it, i felt some dizziness and sat on the stone next to Peepal tree, i recognized it much after where i was resting on when somebody sensed a snake about to reach my kurti ย wit a strange, almost queer sense surrounded him ย & he approached and took it in his hands. I was shocked seeing snake in his hands, i just did nothing but run and run and even forgot the man who actually helped. Minutes later i sensed i left my bag there only and my heart was not allowing me to enter that sphere again but i had no choice – my admit card, everything was there and i couldn’t afford to lose my credit card its important. So, i chanted Hanuman Chalisa which my granddad used to sing it for me every time i felt fear during my childhood, i crammed it then.

‘Jai Hanuman gyaan gun sagar, jai kapis tehu lok ujagar, ram dut atulit bal dhama….’ and with the last lines ‘ Rashmi sada hari chera, keje nath hridya mah dera’ i exhaled and opened my eyes to find the bag at same place as i left it. I stooped to pick it up when i sensed a hand on my shoulder – a sweet chill ran down my spine, i almost closed my eyes to pray and muster up courage to face it and almost cried off while i turned and saw one of the guy from my college extending a hand to my feared self. I preferred to be back home as i was petrified.

That day i literally wished to rush out and be at home when the bell rang in the middle of the night, awaking the fear one more time and when it rang twice i was compelled to get up and see who was there and what i saw confirmed my staying there in confinement, the soul was possessed finally. Now i could hardly escape.


Will that be easy for her to escape the clutches she was in ? Will write in the next post, a teaser sort of ย ๐Ÿ˜›

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย *To be continued*


26 thoughts on “The Narrow Escape (1)

  1. I read your story with out prejudice like I am reading a good novel of famous writer, traveling with character and imaging the entire scene with help of your words.

    I must say you really wrote well, I didn’t scare but living that character like watching a movie on TV.

    Now I am figuring out how one write fiction what is the central idea , where character, situation and plot is built .

    How one idea strikes and it becomes story ?

    Really don’t have any idea about fiction writing and reading too !

    All the very best for your story moves , curves , twist and climax .

    It’s was delight ful read ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was less scary but more to come ๐Ÿ˜‰ See the catch to write fiction is think yourself in that situation and just express giving detail to events and make sure you never express it in explicit term, twist it and once you start writing you’ll have doorways to open and let you imagine whatever you want to.
      Thanks, i ‘ve to work hard on its scary part, it seems. Thanks for reading !

      Liked by 1 person

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