I hear them,

are of all types.

Claiming my peace of mind,

perplexing, many a times.

When angry, rebelling, sad, gloomy, happy,

they leave me hardly at times.

I respond to them,

still they want my presence every single time.

If i want to shut them,

they urge for my sanity.

The moment i take a long deep breath,

they mock my methods.

Even in oxygen, they add CO to suffocate me,

black out my mind.

To let me think not,

just react haphazardly.

It then made me guilty,

guilty of uncontrollable senses.

And my kith and kin,

certify that am out of my mind.

What to tell them,

about these voices.

They will kill me one day for sure,

but before that i need to live with these voices,

to respond to them every single time.


26 thoughts on “Voices

  1. Ah the inner voices. I often find them speaking louder then what my vocal chords to bring out. Yet i need to calm them down otherwise they leave me in utter chaos!! Your poetry brought out certain elements of my inner voice.

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  2. Very well written, hundred of roles, thousands of desires, millions of expectations, zillions of thoughts,

    Competition, achievement, success, productivity, wrong or right rules our life.

    Being empty , being nothing, doing nothing , claiming no mind is the task we have never been trained.

    Having no clue , where we are going ?, just following the crowd, having no idea how to live life ?

    I am out of context, trying to figure out soul of poem !

    Let me conclude and pray hope people will understand the life.

    Great going.

    Writing gives solace !

    Liked by 1 person

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