An open letter to Ravana.

Respected Ravana,

I hope you’re good, where ever you’re and maybe blessed too. I am writing this letter to you because i have no choice. Lately, am into the book by Anand Neelakantan’s Asura – The tale of the vanquished where the author is trying to enlighten your state, your inner thoughts and your struggle as a demon, am sorry i won’t be calling you demon as you were not and will never will. You just tried to rebel all the loop holes in Deva system and their hierarchical order. You were half brahmin and half Raakshas , struggling everyday with the humiliation you were exposed to. I empathize you, did you hear me. I really do. I never thought i’ll someday support you seeing what you did to Honorable Sita and i guess i will never endorse your act but still you were not that bad. The way you honored her which was shattered and taken lightly by Rama was heart breaking. I always want to question Rama on that issue, since childhood i guess. I mean just to prove few right and yourself an ideal you did wrong to a woman and that was not really cool. Am sorry if i offend but i guess i don’t.

Coming back to the Hero of the story am reading and almost on verge of completing it, i believe you possessed more ethics than any other of your opponent. I am no intellect, i have much to research but i am writing just to let you know, few in India do really care for you and am among them. And maybe in future i’ll let my children know the both sides of epic Ramayana and let them decide instead of just narrating them what others told Β and they can decide themselves. The best thing i learn about you is – You decided to bring new change or to revive the race almost on the verge of extinction was no bad idea. Wish you implemented few other things to at least maintain love and respect of your people as Bhadra. We would be reading a different history then and let me tell you most of the people here adapt and show few things and thus, fail to recognize the truth behind your intentions.

I think am done, do write if possible and am thankful to this author for opening the world full of amazing insights and to let me in your shoes, once.

Yours truly

Shalini Sharrma

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66 thoughts on “An open letter to Ravana.

  1. This book takes a fresh look at the story of Rama and Ravana from a different angle. In a way, a book with less of Gods performing sudden miracles, and with an actual hint , that Vishnu , Shiva and Brahma , were actually mass leaders who achieved a kind of Godhood , thanks to the masses. It talks about the Aryans and Dravidians, calling them Devas and Asuras, and the various societal changes that happen when they overrun and attack each other’s kingdoms. Very clearly, according to the author, the Devas and Asuras as conquerors, are identical in the way they ravage the conquered , and clearly, there is nothing Godly about the name “Deva.”

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    1. I agree and the way Author has explained is super, even i like the way he finds so much similarity between the way both ruled. and the Bhadra that came up as hero i loved that, a common is supposed to be powerless but he was behind everything.


    1. But sweetheart who was the almighty ? Even the almighty is being questioned here and don’t you think so Rama had so many flaws in him and what about honored Sita giving tough tests just to regain the trust, only to be left out alone. This book questions the Deva aspect and i agree he had ego but you now what the 10 heads of Ravana are all sort of emotions we face in life, he wanted to live and die like a man. I recommend this book to you.

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      1. He was not mute, it was Sita’s choice to answer the public by giving a silent proof .

        Also they did accept sending sita to vanwaas second time, because first mistake was done by ancestors of Rama
        They had wrongly judged a girl, and asked her to stay in forest for two years
        So that man now demanded that if her daughter was sent than sita should also be sent .

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      2. But why because Rama didn’t have that courage to accept her that ways and he was more bother about log kya kahenge ! Plus, you know the hierarchical and caste system strengthens during his reign that’s why he had to listen to a Dhobhi and did what he don’t really want to.


      3. Ram accepted her,
        She was pregnant with Ram immediately after 14 years return to home
        And he haven’t listened to any Dhobi .He have to just rectify the mistake his ancestors did.
        He disagreed, but sita was not ready to accept someone rising voice on her husband so she went, and Rama could not stop her, because she had her own decision making power

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      4. I agree but you know she was again since birth the day she moved that dhanush she showed her independence and decision making power but most of the times Rama never spoke up just because he had to take care of his praja and had to maintain that dharma which he flaunts most of the time. You know most of the tv adaptations and books interpret that ways and we fail to know the real truth behind it, that’s why i believe less discussion on mythology because the primary text is missing and through ages we’re just reading the texts interpreted by various scholars.


      5. Yes, and like that we can say that too
        That Who have witnessed Ramayana or one i Guess
        So believe or not is up to us.
        And when anyone go to Vanvaas they have to follow rules of not meeting people of family and like that else it restarts from beginning so it was the thing that stopped Rama

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      6. Agree, possible that thing would have never ever happened and these are just fiction wrote to give moral values to the masses like panchantra by Vishnu Sharma. Oh ! Yes, there’s a point in that. He met Bharata na. oh ha, i read this when i was reading Mahabharata there was a shart sort of for pandavas same like that.

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  2. I remember reading the book some two years ago.. I remember sitting almost wailing covering my mouth in desperation, so that the sleeping family won’t hear me.. It was 2 o clock in the night and I was crying for the biggest villian in Indian mythology… An experience I will take to my grave… Not just a good read.. It’s a must read…. God bless

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    1. Wow.. what an experience you had and how words left you wailing for that Hero Ravana. Although, i didn’t cry but i do feel bad and neglected about him. Agree, a must read. Thanks Priya for being here and sharing your experience !


  3. Couldn’t finish the book as I found it boring, but I am a big Ravan fan, and the part of the different perspectives on Ramayana, yes, is necessary. There is so much more to the Valmiki Ramayana..! so read all version, and let you and your future kids decide!

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    1. I didn’t find anything boring in it except after 350 pages the narrative is dragged but again its written taking epic episodes as base and most it we have heard, so i find it easy to read and relate. I agree we only show the goodness of everything good and again bad qualities of bad which is biased in every sense. Oh , yes, that’s the only book i got to know Ravana’s perspective if any more suggestion. Do pls let me know πŸ™‚


  4. Yeah I got this link working,
    Thank God.

    But still , when I click on your profile pic in my comment section . It takes me to your old address and that is blank.

    I will read you post then I will comment on Ravana !

    Great you and your blog both are alive and not Ghost…. haha just kidding.

    But really scared and thought may be I was talking to ghost with these many days…

    And there is no body like shalini exists…out there …. hahahaha…

    But really I was concerned.

    Glad connecting.

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      1. Sorry ! I didn’t not mean to call you ghost ! But all sudden loosing you’re blog had given me , shivering.

        Sorry and sorry .

        I was not aware earlier about that fact, but yes I was really seriously concerned.

        Happy blogging , have all happiness and peace.

        Namastey !

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  5. Hi
    Shalini ,

    How are you ?

    I am glad that you read that book , and dare to conclude that story as your own experience and in your own words. As far as my views are concerned on your post, I would rate this post as one of your best post so far I have read.

    Reasons are two,

    first is you have read about the other and rare manifestation of energy who have never been appreciated. Once understood you dare to praise.

    Second is this is special post for me, hence I have got back your blog and ultimately the relationship , Which I have developed with you as blogger slowly and gradually and consistently.

    No doubt as we have heard that Ravana was the most intelligent , powerful and great devotee of the Lord shiva.

    Rama and Ravana both had past karmic account . End of life with the weapon of Rama is ultimately bliss one can seek.

    Even after wrong doings he had ethics and morals. Ravana was the brahman and shared the wisdom with laxmana during last breath of his life.

    Thank God to Ramlila and tv serials and holy book Ramayan and dusshera festival.

    Ego and desires are the root cause if all evils. Actually in both positive and in negative energy it’s the one single god who is manifesting himself differently. Both the energies are available since inception and will remain forever.

    It’s great going . All the very best !

    Good night !

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    1. Good evening !
      Yes, you’re right here about past karmic a/c and i believe that is what’s guiding us at each step we take today. But these tv serials and all show very wrong side of story so as to make him a villain. I equally found faults in Rama as in Ravana but at least he was no hypocrite to go with people as such like Rama. And you won’t believe Ravana mentioned at the beginning that he wants to live like a man not like a God and he did with all those 10 heads that represent various emotions of jealousy, anger, pride etc. we all have that. But i really don’t know what wisdom he shared with laxman. I’ll search that. Thank you.

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      1. You must search lessons shared by Ravana at death bed on request of Lord Rama , worth reading once in our life.

        There is nothing wrong or right , bad or ugly exists , to live in society Rama gave few exemplary incidents. Which have been criticised.
        If really want to know the reality of life, God or nature in thier true perceptions . You must read yoga vasistha.

        Wisdom share to Rama when he was teenager or young and travelled entire Bharat varsha . Rama also had dispassion for society and world, like Gautama Buddha . Rama was delusioned. Then Yoga Vasistha shared wisdom with him.

        That conversation between Guru and Rama is available as book Yoga Vasistha. One must read that book at least once in thier life time.

        Hence you are bibliophile and I have recommended that book to you. Or if you will search on Google that also will serve the purpose.

        I am having intense feeling to tell you that read only one book and understand that in its totality , can transform your life forever to that level that thirst of reading any thing else satisfy forever. Then you can keep on reading anything but only for child play .

        There are millions of concept available about the God and it’s creation . You can understand them all at once if you really understand spirituality completely.

        All that 10 heads or 10 negative emotions are not different . They are only one energy that manifest in 10 different forms. This is only one disease having 10 different symptoms.

        Every facet of life having different concept to live by , how many one can learn ?

        Seek for Learning something after that nothing remains to learn , know something that worth knowing and evaporate all confusions from life. This is single world and everybody have got thier own specks of perception , same world look different to each one of us. Dad and son see same world differently. Go beyond perception. Go beyond mind. You are greater than mind.

        Know who am I ?

        Then Rama, Ravana , you and me are not different. We are one !

        Accumulating knowledge have no use until you implement , test and see the benefits by your own.

        If you understood spirituality in its totality then it will start coming into your actions effortlessly. All which is waste will leave you and go , You will remain in your pure sense !

        Again I am concluding my reply with a wish that you could find that one book , which can transform your life and can make you realizing your true self and takes away all misery , sorrow and suffering from your life and takes you to the world where you are ever liberated and can taste the nector of bliss.

        Let us dare to go beyond perception and mind , knowledge and Ego and try to know nothingness beyond time and space.

        Hope you are used to now to tolerate me who always go out of context.

        Good night !

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      1. No issues, you left me an opportunity to explore and add that part hahaha.

        I always try to impress you with my spiritual knowledge….

        Haha haaa I am sure you are impressed now ?

        Thanks and Thanks for everything !

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      2. Question :- Kehna kya chahte ho ?

        Answer :-

        1. Life is heavy and stressful and talking about spirituality makes even serious.
        2. Many times when you talk out of context and things which make no sense makes life lighter and stressfree !

        3. Trying to impress you, makes no sense , but makes conversation lighter and easy.

        4. Why materialism have all the fun? Spirituality can do explore fun in the life .

        5. I do appreciate break let me know your planning.

        Thanks for tolerating me !

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      3. No , no , not at all . Kidding is one great habit you have and must carry on. As far as I am concerned I don’t feel bad about any thing and I am sure about kidding too !.

        I am glad finding worthy for your this behaviour with me.

        Have great time .

        Good night !

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  6. Haha. I have always believed in giving the benefit of the doubt. So this book gives me amazing insights and is a fun read. Thanks to you, sits in kindle library to be re-kindled.
    Beautiful letter, though. I may end up writing one too. πŸ˜‰

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