Ads that make no sense…

Hello, everyone. I know i know Ads are a sort of escape and a temptation to call out all the average customers to buy that product or service just to let them flaunt,’ Hey, dude. I went to fallana (X) place or i apply fallana (X) cream’. But seriously these ad companies should think about the ads that make no sense or don’t even appeal to logical masses or to a common person like me. I prefer to mute them up so as not to irritate myself watching those good for nothing stuff. Trust me, Ad makers are the most creative people on Earth but somehow without brains and they hardly want to render their social responsibilities, just to show and attract youth to negative situations.

So, lets get started :

  1. Drink Ads :Β  I don’t understand how these Ad makers fail to get that we are really sensible people who will just go out, taking few steps to the local market or grocery shop and get the required drink we want instead of doing all the stupid adventure for just 10 rupees bottle of drink and staking our lives, our million rupees life in bargain of that tagline,’ Aj kuch toofani karte hai’. Wake up you brainless creative people, don’t let a son lose his life just because he wants to show his SWAG imitating that toofani ad. And the minute words that you show which at least not a specy person like me could read, don’t think you can evade a social responsibility by just putting those just for a formality.
  2. Sanitary Pad Ads :Β  Wonderful ads i must tell you, i laugh out loud, whenever i get to see them showing the liquid that single, extra large with extra protection pads soak and lock πŸ˜€ Trust me, its all bull shit. Girls know this better that these pads are not at all comfortable and you ad makers not need to tell us if we have freedom to wear white pants or not, i will prefer to wear colorful colors during my periods,’Tum kya kar loge’ and seriously, the way they show like,’ Kadam badae ja’ .. total LOL… in 4-5 days she won’t be a PM if she won’t work or just skip few things. Plus, better stop making butterflies Β and such exquisite designs on our pads, we aren’t required to show any of them to anyone and it doesn’t matter if you make a one or not, i’ll and all girls still be using it. Grow up, okays.
  3. Face wash Ads :Β Wow, a girl randomly wakes up. I don’t know from where and she just wash her face with that face wash and she got a make up look instantly. Trust me, i never came across a face wash, do recommend because am dumb at doing make up and look fresh like that. Whom are you fooling ? Ha, your shitty face wash gives no less than dry skin and its damn frustrating if they show having natural ingredients like honey, sandlewood etc.etc. in that. Dude, apply honey once on your face, yes, you marketing executive and your company’s face wash and you’ll know the difference. We are living in a world where all natural things are adulterated and products which are made using chemicals have natural products. Ridiculous. Stop fooling innocent people and with coming up of men products. I mean serious vala LOL, you people are just widening the gender differences by making fun of that guy whom you found applying the girl’s fairness cream and just proudly mention that,’ Mardo k skin hote h rough and tough, esly alag vala face wash’ πŸ˜€ Instead teach them that they are beautiful, no matter how and what skin color they have. I know you’ll lose that rocket sales for a while but trust me people will have more respect and trust in your product than those fake ones and in long run, trust is very good for a business ( Well, commerce pass out me πŸ˜‰ ).
  4. Kajal Ads :Β Kajal ads are damn funny, i tell you. Smudge free, water free, skin free and i don’t know why this expensive kajal isn’t free, should have money back guarantee because the way they show the top Indian actresses doing nothing after applying that kajal. Wakeeee up ! A common girl like me in India has variety of tasks and i have to face the pollution and trust me at the end of the day these kajals do remain but gives exactly same look as i shed tears for my ex the entire day. Β The disgusting part is these kajals if applied wrong ways like i did it when i initially start using it, i just applied it wrong somehow, spilling it here and there and it cost me my skin that was red when i tried to wipe it off and i felt like I’ve applied the ink on my eyes as they do on nail to prevent one from going back to the election booth and casting vote once again. That’s annoying. I cried and hug that product that day. Trust me but don’t you trust these ads with beautiful actresses showing you how its smudge free by literally, doing nothing.

So, i guess i’ll wind up here and i’ll go for more such Ads analysis in future to expose that,’ Ads need to have an ethical and social responsibilities not to dupe customers and get their hard earned money for you shitty taglines’. Ads go back to ethicsΒ will be my future tag line. Do let me know how’s it ? πŸ˜‰

Till next time !

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20 thoughts on “Ads that make no sense…

    1. Hi, would like to inform you that, the entire post was based on Indian Ads and as you just mentioned the chicken ads before vegan youtube videos, see the disaster it would do to a new veggie who loves non veg πŸ˜€
      Thanks for being here, though.


  1. Every Ad so far has made or will be made will promise us to give happiness.

    Each ad creates fake demand in consumer head. Every Ad promise that you will become as successful as the successful man or woman in this advertisement.

    Entire industrialization work on consumersim. Ad creates craving and desires in human mind and we are tempted to buy those unnecessarily.

    Though you have wrote this article on funny notes. I loved the idea , script and narration.

    Life is simply Beautiful if you avoid being consumer for so many unnecessary things.

    Thats why I said in one of my post , struggle of human life is still same , as it was earlier in the stone age.

    We have been chasing number of things unnecessarily , since we have been conditioned in way that having those things in life brings happiness. No doubt television ads plays important role in conditioning our mind.

    This post of yours is bold indeed. You have questioned only ad but I question existence of those products which claims happiness and consume our entire life to earn money for them.

    Great deal shalini !

    Awesome write !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankie first of all.. πŸ™‚
      Oh yes, you made a right point here, existence of products that guarantee to bring happiness, again people really need to look inside instead outside to find miracles of the universe and to find that inner beauty. Thanks again !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the entire world of advertisement is based on lies and hypocrisy! white trousers on periods!! one shampoo and you have wonderful hair, fairness cream – all non sense. But have you ever seen those ‘infomercials’ shree yantra, nazar utarna kavach, naaptol ads – they deserve oscars!

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