The restless nights, the heart break,

entire day i spend in over thinking,

for that one thing that’s missing in my life,

and many crop up in a second.

The void, the love, the success and what not,

decisions i took long back,

appeared the worst choices of my life.

Unable to keep my head at rest,

i dived into depression,

until i understand,

the air i breathe is a blessing,

the water i drink is a blessing,

the food on my table is a blessing,

the family i have is a blessing,

the education i have is a blessing,

the job i have is a blessing,

the trees around me is a blessing,

the sky on my roof is a blessing,

the rain during monsoon is a blessing,

the coffee on my table is a blessing,

the love that nature showers is a blessing,

and then,

all of a sudden,

clouded mind cleared,

to seek the best i own,

maybe i have no super rocket things,

but the happiest is one,

who knows how to live the blessings to the fullest,

and create plenty out of it.

P.S. Take a minute to count your blessings not complaints and am sure blessings will weigh heavier than complaints. Because life is not perfect and should never be perfect.

Till next time !


14 thoughts on “Blessed

    1. Thanks, hey i tried your shahi tukda recipe, trust me it was awesome. Almost finger licking and i just changed a few things like i made rabri first and then apply it on fried bread. Taking this moment to thank you for introducing to the recipe. It was easy cum yummy πŸ™‚

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  1. Fortunately I have nothing to complaint about my life is sheer bliss and surrounded by blessings.

    One blessing I would like to share with you if you donot mind listening to me.

    I am blessed in blogging world too, having interaction with blogger like you.

    Best poem , You have shattered the clouds and confusions with the rain of blessings.

    Good read. Beautiful write.

    Good night ,

    Have dreams !

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  2. Love the theme to it. True indeed. We sit on a million blessing and yet keep ourselves closed to it and roll in misery introduced by the mind. Liberation is usually a thought and a step of action away. Set urself. Free neo, said the Oracle. And yup that’s that.

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