Ice cream vala… (Exit)

Ice cream vala… (Entry)Β was full on mysterious and it was absurd on his part to part with the children of koharpur and the people who felt happy seeing him. He never turned back to see if ever they all miss him or not. With time people do forget the grief or wounds and after all, he was just an ice cream vala. He didn’t go out of his house after that day, sitting whole day long in the confinements of the house with bars chained to his body to control himself. He was uncontrollable at times. He realized this and took measures which impacted him in a whole new way.

Hope visit him every day, sunlight regenerate that state of being alive in his mind but he blocked all the passages of light and chose to remain in dark. He laughed at one moment and started crying the other. It was difficult for him to understand why he was torturing himself and too like this. Neighbors gossiped about his being within the clutches of some evil spirit that won’t let him live normal. Hardly any one went to see him but if by mistake some one tried to meet him, he slammed the door on his face and shouted him to leave.

It was strange, within a night what happened that he changed a lot, his ability to think and work vanished. Even his neighbors did all sorts of pooja outside his house to shoo away his evil spirit and once forced him to come out in day light to be part of the pooja which tantrik wanted him to be at but to everyone’s surprise initially, he was docile but gradually got up and bit the tantrik on his hands that started bleeding. In haphazard , he walked on 4 legs and got himself in the house again, all locked and safe. People never tried it again ever and keep the outskirts of his house clear. No animals were found loitering near by and if by mistake they tried to go near the house, only their corpse is found on which vultures and eagles feed upon.

No body knows why that generous ice cream vendor turned in that state of his. Till the municipality officers came to confiscate his land for the non payment of property tax and they were shocked when they break the door after repeated warnings to let them in.

He was seated on his 2 legs, knee bend his 2 hands were straight up folded downwards from the palm, his eye balls all wide opened, almost red with sleeplessness and his tongue all out like a dog. He had turned into a dog salivating all around. He leaped on one of the officer and bit him until he started bleeding, till the time he turned to the other one, he was given continous blows on his head that laid him DEAD finally.


The city was in chaos with the constant reporting of an ice cream vala who turned into a dog not like that faithful animal but dangerous enough to hurt so many. On the walls the investigators found his story being pictured as ice cream vala and the place of khoharpur till he was bitten by that dog from the woods. People claimed to see that dog at night, half wolf – half dog and half human, a carrier of shadow of an evil, a mystery unsolved till now. 😱

Till next time !


Do let me know how you liked it and if any other more scary possible ending on your mind ? 😊


30 thoughts on “Ice cream vala… (Exit)

  1. Haha
    I think this case to be handed over to CID .
    ACP pradyumn, Inspector Daya and Abhijit with Fredrick and other girls in team.

    Jokes apart,

    This turned out fabulous story . You got guts to write novel . I believe.

    So intriguing and twist in the last till next episode. You are great mystery writer .

    Perfect , perfect and perfect.

    And yes Scary too !

    Pic is also with haunting eyes doing intented job.

    I am glad I could connect with such a great writer.

    Shalini your are too good, simply amazing .

    I have been reading your post quite long consistently. You make readers to travel along with characters and situation.

    This part is really matured worked. You’re professional writer indeed.

    All the best .

    Post next part soon.

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    1. Haha.. You forgot to mention am also a sort of detective . Why do I need to call anyone when I’ve been taught by Sherlock Holmes himself ? πŸ˜‚
      Thanks, but I feel there is still a scope for improvement. Thanks ! But I guess I concluded everything in this part or do I need to continue it further and protagonist died, so.. The END 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No doubt you are greater than anybody else. I have never read Sherlock Holmes, but for sure you are not less than any one.

        Yes scope of improvement remains always there .

        It’s up to you if you want give any other twist further . In fiction dead can be alive again.

        Glad reading your stories and enriching experience talking to you. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Crying is very natural behaviour nothing bad in that , if you relate with some thing you just cry and cry loud…

        Dil hi to hai na sang -o – khist dard se bhar na aaye kiun ?

        Royenge hum hazar baar koi hume satye kiun …?

        Famous couplet of Mirza Ghalib

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