Cheers !

‘Cheers’ he said to his friends which he made recently at that park where after work they all meet and greet, just to let the entire frustration of the soul out in few pegs of Desi daaru (beer).

‘Cheers’ all brought their glasses close to others and cheered out loud in unity. All seemed happy although, the entire life situation of their suck, suck from head to toe. Deep down inside all 4 were broken, drowned in their helplessness which this glass of beer saved them from and helped them at least to yell out their concerns for a time being. As far as Mahendra recalled, he started drinking at an early age of 15-16 when he was forced to get work and was actually, suspended from his school for eve teasing her female classmate, deep down inside he knew it was more than eve teasing, he just let his hands move freely to the unexplored puberty reached fellow who was in a way taking pride of his crush on her but almost shocked when a teacher caught the two in an empty classroom, comforting each other. The least she did was to manipulate the situation so as to escape narrowly and she was successful but Mahi was not. So, the principal in fear of a rebel or reporters, expelled him. That day was the last day of hope of being something in life, the bright light of the day descended upon him like an eclipse shadowing the only hope he had. It took him time to got over it but he did with being high on drugs first and then finding love in Desi daaru (beer) which is comparatively cheap and keeps him warm during cold, scary nights.

The day news of his expulsion was heard by his mother, the only member of the family. She threw him out of her house, entirely disowning him and putting all the blame on her destiny and moved on.. How easily people move on in this country.. Worth speculating.

He was homeless, empty stomach and hope less, so he quickly accepted the cadre of thieves. Enjoying few days of food, drugs and if lucky sex. It was like heaven for him, no studies, no restrictions and no much much. Till he was asked to join the work and can’t say why his conscience don’t let him be successful in this well established business, so they threw him as quickly as they let him in.

Mahi had no choice he went on and looked out for work till he found his destiny being shaped as a mason. But those bricks had another interesting turn for his life which will define and unfold as to exactly why and how he turned out to be President of a Nation ?

Tune in to find out.. Till next time !

Pick up your βœ’ and continue the story 😊

Put on your thinking hats and guess how Mahi turned so successful amid those bricks ? Help Mahi to be The President 😊 


20 thoughts on “Cheers !

  1. This is perfect plot for a movie or great novel. What you have covered all the topics which keeps readers intriguing.

    I don’t where this passion of yours will stop and end up this story.

    I are doing better in fiction . I never like fiction but you are making me addict to it.

    Hahaha just kidding.

    Waiting for next part with more deeper emotions and scenes.


    Great going !

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      1. Then I am returning all humbleness and kindness along with bundle of generosity to you.

        Please accept my namaste as gesture of very Good Morning. Indeed Ram Ram.

        Talking to you filled me something pleasant feeling with in me. When I write something for it release goodness fluid within me. Feeling of well being. I don’t know how should I describe it ? I am surprised to contemplate that it’s addictive in nature.

        Thanks Shalini for all your beautiful words those carry some euphoric vibration along with them.

        How should I close this comment of mine I have no clue so I am leaving it open unclosed .. incomplete…

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      2. Hahaha it’s great you are on quest of everlasting learning journey called life it’s good indeed in one way .

        Other way around is if you are self realised then you no need to learn the forgiveness , being humble and kind . It’s your very true nature. Lioness does not learn how to live in jungle . She is born to rule. It’s inherent .

        Sorry I have no intention to hurt any of the sentiments and your great learning and all work of wonderful writers.

        But it’s my personal option which carries very much possibilities of errors. Reading a book and learning from them is like makeup for day or can last for weeks of months.

        It’s a superficial change . If you want changes that happens effortlessly without a question of substantiality then you should work on the level of seed . Roots , trunks , branches and fruits everything lies in the seed. Improved seed can brings phenomenal results. Here You will be glad to know that seed within us is in purest form.
        Just a matter of realization. I believe Robin sharma , Byrne Rhonda are the realized people. Who had experience the suffering of life prior to true understanding of life and later realized ease of life after realization.
        Thier books are out come of their experience which are very much relatable in contemporary world. But thier realization has benefitted them at its best.
        Reading a good book for entertainment is better option rather it will help you relish it’s taste in your mouth for some time like chocolate and nothing more.
        Though I am repetitive and sucks in my approach. If your books can help you to inculcate path for you where destination is “YOU”. Then it’s a ultimate motivation.
        Why the need of artificial motivation required in first place. Because we have been conditioned to identify our selves as body within the limits of mind and both elements are perishable and mortal and everything else which can be identify with them is unstable too.
        There is only one element which never changes in everchanging universe that is ” YOU” . If you’re natural being real ” YOU” then live the life with your natural tendencies love , peace and happiness is properties of your real self. Compassion , being humble and kind is out come for the same.
        Until you get away from unreal and get back to real you will keep on craving for artificial inspiration.
        Be Real, Be Natural, Be You.
        It’s can transform your life in one go ! Else keep entertaining with Good books. It’s like watching movie but the Good one. But remember movies are movies only.
        Sorry I don’t want to mitigate the importance of books but learn something which beyond mind. Within the mind it’s only mere thoughts no matter good or bad.
        Hope you will take breath and relax and contemplate on these principles.
        Good morning.

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