Girl’s day in.

So, that was exactly when day before yesterday i suffered cold like situation when i decided to just give myself the complete bed rest. That day i realized the most difficult thing for me was silencing my thoughts and how to cheer myself up so that i’ll recover faster than expected. I planned everything in the morning, the rest, the new things i would do and all the other new things am going to try which i left long back, just because i grew up and act like any grown up –Β Being BusyΒ . Trust me, there’s nothing like growing up, only the physical state grows up or in some others, mental state and in most of the cases we acquire everybody else’s state of mind, repressing one’s own.

so, first of all i decided to give away all the technology which tires me mostly than even the loads of physical work in a row. And i felt energised the entire day even in cold like situation because i restrain myself from tiring my eyes in not so good social media A/cs.

The next thing i did to figure out what i left long back, any hobby, any happy thing am not doing which am missing due to being busy and the only thing that came to my mind was Drawing and coloring, so quickly i located my brushes and colors to color the blank sheet of paper with something kiddish, see what i did.



Closed my eyes and thought of my kind of universe and just drew this 😊

Then I coloured :

Isn’t it cute ? Full of life πŸ’•

And I feel good 😊😊


I am taking my Alexa Rank to a next level withΒ Blog Chatter.


44 thoughts on “Girl’s day in.

  1. Hi Shalini,
    Beautiful drawings. I love Pooh and the beautiful quotes you know. I hope you are doing better now. And more power to you to dicover more of you ! πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s great thing you did . Both of them are amazing.

    Actually anything good or bad if you are attached to can bring stress if it’s not happening as per your predefined schedule.

    Having goals can make you productive but you are slave to productivity.

    It’s opposite to the being disciplined. But it really makes your life blissful easy and simple. You start living in present moment and feel the company of the self.

    You can achieve happiness by doing nothing yet accomplishing more than being productive.

    Actually living life is an art . I have seen the people who are most successful but yet restless that makes me compassionate about them selves.

    I have seen the movie based on book the secret yesterday once you have recommended me. (, Just for 30 minutes )

    It’s already pretty long comment so closing now.

    Have good sound sleep and get well soon.

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    1. Much healthy now, thanks. Wow even I started watching the secret movie yesterday but finally completed watching it today. Super movie. And the best thing I learned is Forgiveness. I find myself not able to forgive easily. You should watch it full, much more to learn. Thanks a lot for the appreciation 😊

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      1. I knew it’s difficult for you to forgive any one. Because people who are perfect expect others to be perfect in thier behaviour and approach…

        Hahaha that is why I am extra cautious with you while behaving….but I beg your pardon for no reason in advance for the mistake I have not done…. hahaha….

        And simultaneously it will test your learning from the book … more over I would we having one forgiveness due as life line in case I needed one in future. Because forgiving any one in good mood is always easier when you are upset within because of that person.

        Sorry for delay in replies . Life sucks many times from all directions and you hardly have time to express your self out of business.

        Again Ram Ram ji. A very Beautiful morning.

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      2. Good evening, so true forgiveness is hard and I’ve finally started practicing it 😊
        I understand same here life and its situations. We are humans not to forget in this real world of work. Am glad you always have time to reply even being grahasth πŸ‘πŸ‘


  3. Shalz, I didnt know about this talent of yours….but that’s true…it gives immense satisfaction when you leave all this technology and indulge yourself into something you like it doing happily….loved this post… πŸ™‚

    @bloggerabhi1 from

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