Who Am I ?

The last time i asked this question – Who am I ? i possibly end this with a very profound line that it’s not body that am made of, it is something eternal, that’s indivisible, cannot be destroyed and up above like you’re the spectator of most of the things going around. And this time too, few days back i asked the same question and i was convinced am not what people see me as in physical terms and at least being a descendent of God, am not that limited in my powers. Then my mind wandered to those saptrishis who were reservoirs of eternal power and bliss. I hardly doubt their powers because whatever in terms of miracles we are doing by creating new discoveries are already there around us that we have forgotten. The changed climatic conditions, scenario and what not we have spoiled as proud and brat homo sapiens.

so, back on who am I ? It raised more questions than satisfying me with an answer to calm my mind. If am a soul, then why this soul, why this body, why these activities, why am behind materialistic things, why i want to be remembered, why exactly people die, why Bhagvata Gita has so much relevance ? Why ? Why ? These Why put more Whys in my way and till i get the answers why not you ask the same question yourself – Who Am I ? 

Till next time ! May God bless you with the same question.


15 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. Hey !

    This is fundamental question of life. One who know the answer have arrived at the destination called real self.

    You have started well and reached the destination. Where journey, path and destination is you. You the real self.

    Thanks Shalini for your enlightening post.

    Universe is all yours.

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      1. Shalini.
        Once the knowledge understood in proper way have no issues in implementation . It will convert into your actions effortlessly.

        Still seed is under soil , have patience it will be visible to you and others after some time.

        You are light that will show the path to others whom so ever will come in touch with you .

        I am glad that I have come in contact with you and illuminated. I am glad that such posts are in the way to be published. No doubt I love discussions with you.

        Under the umbrella of spirituality I want to talk to you on any thing and everything . Knowing your views makes me feel good.

        Do let me know I would love to make you feel good any time.

        Let me reaffirm time and again. Thanks for your time and opportunity you have given me to talk to you.

        Stay blessed. Good night .

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      2. Hello lovely soul of this universe,
        Thank you so much for all the good discussions and appreciation you bestow on me. I agree, if it has sown will definitely be effortlessly in action and i’ll wait and work till it happens. Thanks to you for all your support and of course enlightening talks.
        Sending all the good vibes your way. Good Night.

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