Rightfully wrong.

How pure we were, when born and how the spoiled adults made of us in a course of time, it’s remarkable to see how generations are spoiling generations with limited knowledge and perspective to glue newbies to so called ‘LIFE’, projecting their insecurities and never accepting them.

Here’s 3 rightfully wrongs to be beware of :

  1. God is up : No, god is not up. It’s right inside you and you need not to search him anywhere then within and within every other being. God must be laughing on us stating,’Morons, will search everywhere except within, for me’. 😁
  2. Control : Day before yesterday i saw ‘Love you zindagi’ trailer and i was mesmerized with the idea that how since childhood we are taught to supress than express and later on which create various psychological and communication issues that may lead to suicidal instincts or purgation of emotions in a wrong way.😢
  3. Competition : We are not born for it, to compete or so called theory of survival. Our essence knows what we are and how much and for how long we can go with our natural, in built self. In way of fixing, spoiled Adults actually break up, letting the natural light to burn in hell 😒

So, it’s important for us to make our next GEN smarter and capable but not with old values and rigid ideas, if this was the case we won’t have creativity and abundant opportunities around instead 9 to 5 work.

Think about it and pls counter attack, if you disagree in any way. Stay Amazing😊

With πŸ’— Infinite Being.


19 thoughts on “Rightfully wrong.

  1. We were taught to hate and be violent is what we think but the truth is . Hate and violence have always been ingrained .. so there will always be a competition. It is always in our hands to undo what has been taught to us over the decades .. it takes dedication and commitment, Effort and hard work .. but if you want the next generation to be happy and enlightened.. you should start with the person in the mirror ..

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  2. Competition is not just professional .. from getting a seat in the bus to changing the old 500 and 1000s then to get in the Atm and withdrawing as much as we can .. the government and nature has always made sure we compete with one another

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      1. Oh yes these are natural but again also depends upon how a human is utilising the resources so as to reduce the damage. Like if we use more eco friendly stuff, obviously we’ll be less affected by even natural calamities.


    1. It’s just the right time for sown seeds to nurture further, hence, transformation. Life is short and before it ends, one must taste the infinity, I believe. Too boring to go on like this usual boring way. Thankie you’re kind to appreciate every time πŸ™

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