Loveology – out of course.

I was reader by chance,

Tasting the love that exists in the world,

Until I met him, the love of my heart,

The eternal bliss to depend upon,

The eternal me to love,

There’s no you and I,

Earlier, it was just ME,

The entire whole ME,

And then you ring inside me like an unexplored subject of LOVEOLOGY.

P.S : Hope it makes sense. Till next time !

With πŸ’“ Infinite Being.


19 thoughts on “Loveology – out of course.

      1. I am scared with your naughty intentions …. God please save me from this infinite being … Hahaha she is expansion of everything that exists… I find that along with entire creation we both of us are part of same energy field …… Though I am away but can communicate…. Amazing .. intresting.. scary.. blissful… Joy…

        God bless you

        Wishing you Happy Sunday and relaxing days ahead.

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