I got fired #writingcontest


‘I got fired today, feeling low as never’ said Sugandha in her unusual tone, her muscles of the entire body ache as she said those words to herself.

‘Spending all day and night, to this never ending task, i am finally fired not from this job but from even the lives of the people i was devoted to’. It was sad sad day for her. Her entire hard work of years to make things happen gone wasted as those 3 words were spoken by her children and husband (whom she supported every single time, good or bad). Now, she was literally homeless, workless and full of memories she wants to run away from.

Things changed in just 3 words.  Wow ! Taking her bag of expectations she heads towards the river in her local area, opened the bag and just throw it away, deciding to never blame them again for her miserable state. She’s clearly not an object to be played or fool around and logically, it was she who invested herself happily then why this melodrama now. Let it end. Remember the Bhagwat Gita sutra told by her mother – ‘Karm kro, phal k chinta mat karo’ (Just do the karma, fruits are not in your hands. They may be in favor or turn against you). While throwing that bag she brought to that house on her wedding, she repeated the sutra, strengthening herself even more and then it was gone. Now it is her turn to flow with the flow of life without interruption. She is clueless to where to go but then she remind herself of – to flow with the flow, hence, took the first bus and boarded it without asking where it will go. Next day, she found herself in entirely new place – she never knew that place even exist in that state.

Picking up her necessary items, she moved to an Ashram nearby for free accommodation and food. She was hungry since yesterday. After the meal, she blessed the God and Goddess for that wonderful free treat and slept. The moment she gained her senses back, it was evening and everyone in that Ashram was busy doing their chores. She decided to meet the Head priest to ask if he needs her help in any chore. He directed him to join the disciples and others.

She did her task skillfully, helping everyone from child to an old man. She felt a sort of lovely feeling doing so.

Few days passed and she was still busy helping others until one fine day she was struck with an idea worth implementing. She went to every member of the Ashram for humble request if they are willing to join her in this idea of her. Sadly, she was laughed at and not taken seriously. It didn’t mind her, though as Bhagwat Gita sutra was fixed in her mind.

So, she went out to work herself.

Days passed and months gone by and she worked and worked until one day she got her MT business registered herself plus employ people to train and work under her for better service experiences.

Her Multi-Tasking business flourished and even IPO was launched successfully.

Seeing her photo in the newspaper, being interviewed and listed among the most successful self made business woman, she can’t hold back her tears.

Today, the only thing she teaches her employees is to work hard and fight back whenever they are fired for no reason (in any walk of life).

Being crazy is the only way to being sane 🙂

*The End*

P.S : Hope you enjoyed it. Wrote it as a part of writing contest.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


One Indian Girl

It’s 11:14 pm by the clock, lovely night and my thoughts are going back and forth to the book i finished reading almost 6 hours back – One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Being a literature lover am not supposed (that’s what all feel about when they get to read classic, formal and polished writings) to read chetan, he’s nothing in front of Dickens, Bronte, Dan Brown etc sort of amazing first class writers but let me tell you that man got a heart with a head that observes it all. Observe ? What ? The impartial, sexist society and he’s maybe one  still he’s making a difference with his not so polished writings to wake up the masses regarding these issues.

As soon as i completed the book, i had an urge to talk to a friend who lend me this. She might be busy or what, can’t say but am sure to tell she was wrong when she said the book ends vaguely. I just loved the book, the concept author wants every man and woman of the universe to know and the end – absolutely amazing, an open end – full of possibilities of different kinds like life you never know if you have only one or various options 🙂

So, back to expressing why i recommend this particular book :

– Woman need not to be timid to take concrete decisions when it comes to their life.

– Feminism is a shit, Girls just open up and meet your needs. You’re human not an endangered species so as to need a special category or mention.

– Clarity is soooooo important in life, if you’re not clear, just avoid it or slow down.

– Marriage is not a baggage, its equal responsibility with fun. Remember that !

– Know thyself 🙂

No spoilers ahead, just go ahead and pick the book. Am sure you’ll love it. I loved it too 🙂

P.S : wrote yesterday 🙂

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

Story time.

He was all there alone, sitting under that peepal tree and counting something day and night. He loves to watch kids playing out there – different sorts of games, sometimes – football, cricket and at times just running to catch each other’s arms. He always smile to the lovely beauty around him and his favorite sport is to park his wheelchair under that same peepal tree and count and count and watch.

I felt confused observing this behavior of his, so one day i approached him to ask – ‘Hey, what do you count all day long ?’ with a smile he returned the reply,’ The blessings i have that all these kids lack and you know that am winning already in this game’.

That was amazing, an awakened child – lots of physical obstructions, still happy and content maybe that’s what i need to count everyday to win this game of mine 🙂

Story time

By :

Infinite Being ❤



Cheers ! continued…

Cheers ! he was down the lane to enjoy his new job appointment as a mason. His job appeared to him pretty simple, just to put that cloth on his head, fetch few bricks and arrange them to make it a proper house and since he was working under the constructor so he had to work accordingly, using no mind of his own, just doing what he instructed and at the end of the day he was in possession of rupees 300. ‘Isn’t it amazing?’ he thought. No due, instant payment and after a span he’ll manage to take few holidays and will enjoy a bit more.

‘Cheers’ all of his friends said in union. They drank all night and slept in the same meeting park and woke up late with heavy head and a sort of dizziness. Mahi was vulnerable there and then he decided to never celebrate like this again. Picked up himself and washed his face from the tubewell water to wake his spirits up and to rush to his newly found work. He was literally running as fast as he could so as to save every minute for giving not a single chance to his boss to cut his wages due to being late.

‘Phewww..’ he saw the preparations was going on to start the work and he was finally, on time. He just put on his cloth and get to work without getting noticed. Picked more bricks than usual to impress the boss but the inside pain was unbearable. At last when he reached the 1st story of the building, he unloaded all in a go that let him lie flat on his back when all of a sudden the non properly cemented bricks fell on his head, injuring him there in the cerebellum.

But to his surprise he was not at all hurt, strangely he was in so much enthusiasm and energy that he got up to get his hands on his work when he realized there was no work in the place, he was in a school with an odd uniform unlike other children. Studying and sitting on those dusted benches. He collected and put himself to the last bench so as nobody could notice. Today, the teacher was telling about DESTINY, how few people possibly the great celebrities did to change their lives. He was clearly unaware of those and felt like running away when the last line reached his ears that froze him forever. The teacher emphasised on words,’You are the master of your destiny, nobody else could decide who you want to be, no matter what you’re at present you can always be whatever you want to’. His mind was busy grasping the statement when he raised left hand and asked in hesitation,’ Mam..mam.. can i be The President of our country’. The other students laughed out loud and giggled on his rag like appearance. He was stoned to embarrassment that drenched his cheeks with tears. Unable to even coo his pain, he sat down from where he picked himself up in excitement. Teacher just reached him, took out the handkerchief and wiped his tears to let his eyes clearly met her for her to said those words,’Yes, you can and if anybody has doubts, let them live and laugh at their state but you.. you go ahead and reach for your aim’. She said those words with such confidence that he was moved entirely from head to toe as if that eye contact had hypnotised him, forgetting his pathetic, animal like state.

Then all of a sudden he felt a bucketful of water being poured to his clothes, he opened his eyes in a fit of amazement and watched the people circling around him, shouting out his name but he preferred to get lost in his new powerful, possible state. He was given the first aid and the work continued but this time Mahi worked harder – to earn and to learn. He enrolled himself to a nearby school to continue his studies and mostly found with a book in his hand en route to work, his friends missed him dearly but his passion had griped his throat so as to let him die for it.

‘…That’s what you do when you have found your passion, passion to be something, to burn in that fire inside, to let yourself be staked for that one thing in life. so, what’s yours in this case. Think about it’. ‘Thank you so much honorable President for your passionate words for our school children, am sure they will find their one thing that they strive for, very soon. Thank you very much sir’ the host cheered out on his story that he told to the students. All gave him a standing ovation for his will and determination to be exceptional in his life.

Mahi has an added responsibilities these days, to handle the entire Nation, a vision to take his words, country ahead so as to always Cheers !

Till next time !

You are free to add on your views on Mahi’s change of destiny ?

Cheers !

‘Cheers’ he said to his friends which he made recently at that park where after work they all meet and greet, just to let the entire frustration of the soul out in few pegs of Desi daaru (beer).

‘Cheers’ all brought their glasses close to others and cheered out loud in unity. All seemed happy although, the entire life situation of their suck, suck from head to toe. Deep down inside all 4 were broken, drowned in their helplessness which this glass of beer saved them from and helped them at least to yell out their concerns for a time being. As far as Mahendra recalled, he started drinking at an early age of 15-16 when he was forced to get work and was actually, suspended from his school for eve teasing her female classmate, deep down inside he knew it was more than eve teasing, he just let his hands move freely to the unexplored puberty reached fellow who was in a way taking pride of his crush on her but almost shocked when a teacher caught the two in an empty classroom, comforting each other. The least she did was to manipulate the situation so as to escape narrowly and she was successful but Mahi was not. So, the principal in fear of a rebel or reporters, expelled him. That day was the last day of hope of being something in life, the bright light of the day descended upon him like an eclipse shadowing the only hope he had. It took him time to got over it but he did with being high on drugs first and then finding love in Desi daaru (beer) which is comparatively cheap and keeps him warm during cold, scary nights.

The day news of his expulsion was heard by his mother, the only member of the family. She threw him out of her house, entirely disowning him and putting all the blame on her destiny and moved on.. How easily people move on in this country.. Worth speculating.

He was homeless, empty stomach and hope less, so he quickly accepted the cadre of thieves. Enjoying few days of food, drugs and if lucky sex. It was like heaven for him, no studies, no restrictions and no much much. Till he was asked to join the work and can’t say why his conscience don’t let him be successful in this well established business, so they threw him as quickly as they let him in.

Mahi had no choice he went on and looked out for work till he found his destiny being shaped as a mason. But those bricks had another interesting turn for his life which will define and unfold as to exactly why and how he turned out to be President of a Nation ?

Tune in to find out.. Till next time !

Pick up your ✒ and continue the story 😊

Put on your thinking hats and guess how Mahi turned so successful amid those bricks ? Help Mahi to be The President 😊 

Ice cream vala… (Exit)

Ice cream vala… (Entry) was full on mysterious and it was absurd on his part to part with the children of koharpur and the people who felt happy seeing him. He never turned back to see if ever they all miss him or not. With time people do forget the grief or wounds and after all, he was just an ice cream vala. He didn’t go out of his house after that day, sitting whole day long in the confinements of the house with bars chained to his body to control himself. He was uncontrollable at times. He realized this and took measures which impacted him in a whole new way.

Hope visit him every day, sunlight regenerate that state of being alive in his mind but he blocked all the passages of light and chose to remain in dark. He laughed at one moment and started crying the other. It was difficult for him to understand why he was torturing himself and too like this. Neighbors gossiped about his being within the clutches of some evil spirit that won’t let him live normal. Hardly any one went to see him but if by mistake some one tried to meet him, he slammed the door on his face and shouted him to leave.

It was strange, within a night what happened that he changed a lot, his ability to think and work vanished. Even his neighbors did all sorts of pooja outside his house to shoo away his evil spirit and once forced him to come out in day light to be part of the pooja which tantrik wanted him to be at but to everyone’s surprise initially, he was docile but gradually got up and bit the tantrik on his hands that started bleeding. In haphazard , he walked on 4 legs and got himself in the house again, all locked and safe. People never tried it again ever and keep the outskirts of his house clear. No animals were found loitering near by and if by mistake they tried to go near the house, only their corpse is found on which vultures and eagles feed upon.

No body knows why that generous ice cream vendor turned in that state of his. Till the municipality officers came to confiscate his land for the non payment of property tax and they were shocked when they break the door after repeated warnings to let them in.

He was seated on his 2 legs, knee bend his 2 hands were straight up folded downwards from the palm, his eye balls all wide opened, almost red with sleeplessness and his tongue all out like a dog. He had turned into a dog salivating all around. He leaped on one of the officer and bit him until he started bleeding, till the time he turned to the other one, he was given continous blows on his head that laid him DEAD finally.


The city was in chaos with the constant reporting of an ice cream vala who turned into a dog not like that faithful animal but dangerous enough to hurt so many. On the walls the investigators found his story being pictured as ice cream vala and the place of khoharpur till he was bitten by that dog from the woods. People claimed to see that dog at night, half wolf – half dog and half human, a carrier of shadow of an evil, a mystery unsolved till now. 😱

Till next time !


Do let me know how you liked it and if any other more scary possible ending on your mind ? 😊

Ice cream vala… (Entry)

“Ice cream vala… ice cream vala” shouted kids from behind and the vendor had to speed up his cart so as not to get attacked by the naughty excited kids. He was the only vendor of that street who visit the place of Koharpur every day. He knew he earn less out of all the day’s hard labor of selling ice creams that sometimes get spoiled on its way to the customers but what stick him to this business was the smile that he brought on faces for just half Anna. Children talked about him more, their parents told stories about him and every day, every one awaited clock to struck 4 for them to watch that lovely scenario. All of them just buzz out of their houses to see the beauty encircling around the ice cream vala, irrespective of the  scorching sun that’s yet to cool himself down.

“One by one or i’ll give nothing to anyone. Understand. Say Yes”

“Nooooo….” All children shouted in union. They knew he won’t be saying no for this delicious ice berg and along with the ice berg in their hands he will narrate a story which as always far delicious than the stuff in their hands. Now, with all the halla gulla by children, he sat down under the shade of a tree with his cart parked at proper a place surrounding kids of the koharpur.

“Kaka, Cinderella vali story” pleaded a cute little girl who adore Cinderella a lot.


“No, kaka only superman vala story” said a boy in full authority, eyeing the cute little girl. ‘Okay, okay no fight or such emotions. I don’t know who cinderelllla was or superman..nn. But i know of a story which you all can hear’.

Once there was a king who was very fond of clothes, he had every expensive pair of clothes. One day one of his ministers requested him to see the man who claimed that he could make clothes out of gold and king in curiosity called him in, provided him with every sort of material and gave him a definite time to work on it. Minister in order to check his daily proceedings, went up to the weaver and asked how much cloth he made out of the gold till now. He presented in front of him the invisible thread and how he weaved the entire thread out of that machine, adding whosoever wasn’t able to see this – was surely incompetent for the post held. Minister in utter foolishness to save his compatibility to the position nodded yes to the thing he was doing. After a month when king asked him to bring the cloth he bring on the invisible lies and told the same thing as he told to the others. To king’s surprise every other court men appreciated him but they knew there was nothing for sure. King held a gathering where he presented his new attire to his people who laughed silently keeping their heads down. But one boy shouted out all of a sudden,” Why, the King is all nude”.Hence, the foolish king got embarrassed of his foolishness that robbed him of all his gold, just by a commoner.

So, moral is to act wisely and speak up when you think something is not right. To live a life full of wisdom and confidence, instead of being a sycophant.

The entire group of kids laughed out, falling down from this side to that not able to believe the king was so foolish. They slowly made way for the ice cream vala to wind up for that day. He left the kids in amusement of the story, watching them smile and getting ready to play out now. The sun was about to set. He packed his cart, count his earnings and got ready to leave.

He never came back again, the streets of koharpur never saw him again, people talked, gossiped and then adapt accordingly forgetting the ice cream vala. But in soft whisper his story is being told numerous times by the old people of koharpur, alerting the kids of the house to be aware of the ice cream valas.


The Narrow Escape (1)

The moment his hand was on my right shoulder, i panicked- a sweet chill ran down my spine. I looked back to figure out the person.

I shifted almost 3 yrs back to this place , what was the good thing about this place was greenery all over , a kind of serenity that rule this place. Though, the house was small but enough for the two members – me & my books. I have been living alone since i left to study high against the odds. I chose the place instantly because the place seemed to posses a vibration i could sense – a kind of Aura that seemed to attract my attention and thus, within a week i decided to shift with my luggage and full fledged Library. I am literally in a new city with more strangers around me, even the air i breathe sensed to be odd but i don’t know why i felt i’ll be able to make the entire place my own, sooner or later. Being happy in that small house of mine with 2 rooms, i was feeling liberated – liberty from all the restrictions i was bound to, to live and be what i choose to be. The moment i shifted, i decided to go out and be a flaneur. I took my bag, locked the house and went straight to the market where i saw a procession where men were dancing ragingly, it’s difficult to see the site and a fear gripped me round my waist as if Fear want me to die at that violent and furious activity. Later on asking, a commoner told me it is their traditional dance form which is still in practice. It was unusual for a girl like me. From there on i moved to the central area, full of hustle – bustle of traders competing to sell their products. I observed a hexagonal shape carved out of a leaf, decorated with sandalwood having a round figure at the center. I went and inquired about it to the seller, he told me it’s a dhatu (matter) which keeps the evils at bay. I gave a little laugh at the thought because who believe in evils/Angels in this scientific era but due to it’s exquisite design i decided to buy it for a few rupees. I kept it in my bag and went for the ice cream. I forgot i was hungry.
After the market, i went straight to a park for some fresh air but to my surprise it was all vacant.
‘How could this be possible ? Not even a single child/ adult in the park, playing or walking.’ It was crazy and odd at the same time, keeping my safety in concern i returned just after a walk straight to my house with lots of bags in my hand. I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for myself where my knife was missing. I went to my living room to see if i forgot to take it out from my packed luggage, as i bend to check out i felt someone’s watching me with its two big eyeballs. I closed my eyes for a moment and talked to me to ensure i was just taking the horror story i read few weeks back seriously. Well, i managed to find a new knife in my luggage, so i went back being busy and slept after filling my tummy with poha and salad. I resented being awake after 10, so i just put my bed in order and slept.
Next morning was bless, i opened up the windows for air to fill my lungs with energy for other activities, since it was my 1st day of college, i don’t really want to be late. I bathed quickly, prepared my lunch and packed it, still chewing the sandwich which i gulped with a glass of milk. Taking deep breaths to control my excitement, i went out confidently as if i’ll conquer the entire college the very 1st day. As i was about to reach it, i felt some dizziness and sat on the stone next to Peepal tree, i recognized it much after where i was resting on when somebody sensed a snake about to reach my kurti  wit a strange, almost queer sense surrounded him  & he approached and took it in his hands. I was shocked seeing snake in his hands, i just did nothing but run and run and even forgot the man who actually helped. Minutes later i sensed i left my bag there only and my heart was not allowing me to enter that sphere again but i had no choice – my admit card, everything was there and i couldn’t afford to lose my credit card its important. So, i chanted Hanuman Chalisa which my granddad used to sing it for me every time i felt fear during my childhood, i crammed it then.

‘Jai Hanuman gyaan gun sagar, jai kapis tehu lok ujagar, ram dut atulit bal dhama….’ and with the last lines ‘ Rashmi sada hari chera, keje nath hridya mah dera’ i exhaled and opened my eyes to find the bag at same place as i left it. I stooped to pick it up when i sensed a hand on my shoulder – a sweet chill ran down my spine, i almost closed my eyes to pray and muster up courage to face it and almost cried off while i turned and saw one of the guy from my college extending a hand to my feared self. I preferred to be back home as i was petrified.

That day i literally wished to rush out and be at home when the bell rang in the middle of the night, awaking the fear one more time and when it rang twice i was compelled to get up and see who was there and what i saw confirmed my staying there in confinement, the soul was possessed finally. Now i could hardly escape.


Will that be easy for her to escape the clutches she was in ? Will write in the next post, a teaser sort of  😛

                                                   *To be continued*

Re-telling a tale.

He was searching the way to hotel when he called out a rickshaw puller to take him to the hotel and the rickshaw puller nodded and let him sit with his luggage, there he started having a conversation about the place, things and the surrounding which was almost barren and desolate til he could figure out where he was exactly, he found himself in a graveyard, holding his breath almost sweating seeing the pitch darkness and a reddened sky reflecting bloodshot stars, he ran as fast as he could to escape, he still don’t know from what. En route he found a man to whom he asked about the rickshaw puller who was carrying him to his hotel but vanished all of a sudden, even he wasn’t sure about how did he land to the graveyard nearby.

‘Be careful man, these rickshaw pullers are none other than the ghosts fooling people and sending them to the place of their death. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE HERE. Take that way and you’ll be on road again’ and the man vanished all of a sudden, his state was pathetic still he took a chance and moved on as told.

At the end about an hour of walking, he found the road and walking a considerable distance he found the hotel finally, asked for his friend and the room no. to his relief he found that his friend had reached safely. He just went to 1st floor to search for Room no. 106 and then to his room. The door was opened and he saw his friend facing the mirror, he was admiring something in front of the mirror not to disturb him, he just put his bags in, closed the door and sat on the sofa till he yelled out loud, a scream that almost had his lungs out.

He saw his friend turned around in big long hairs, almost grey in between, a scary face with wounds all around and red eyes which were staring him and he just get out of the room to find the manager where he found that there was no manager in the first place – in a second that hotel disappeared and that same graveyard appeared, he found himself standing on a grave which was making a sort of commotion there inside – he just ran as far as he could when he met the same man.

‘What’s all this ? Where am I ? Who are you ? Please let me go home’ he begged to the same man who cautioned him DO NOT TRUST ANYONE HERE.

Till today his essence is missing, few people found him wandering as the rickshaw puller carrying the humans to the world of immortals.


And when i asked him,’ Was that true story ? or just a creation of your mind ? till our bus get ready to take us back to our hotel. He said nothing and left it to us to figure out. He was our tour guide while we (the entire class) all were on Himachal Pradesh trip, it was an awesome experience to listen to a story amid Mountains – Mountains are in itself mysteries which you can hardly solve and don’t you even dare to because you never know when will you become a mystery yourself.

P.S : I added few things to scare you even more, do let me know if i managed to scare you. I don’t mind scaring you more in subsequent stories 😀

– Story Time (Compiled and Created By : Shalini Sharrma )



She was on her way reading the Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein when she collided with him, all there on streets exactly during the sunset and that bright Sun in background about to leave for some rest after a restless day but it actually, made the two more calm. Books on both sides fell and both jumped for the same when their bookmarks got hooked to one another and that string got tightened up leaving them to untangle it aside.

‘Am so sorry, Wow.. Dan Brown fan. I’ve read his Da vinci code. Quite thought provoking and that exciting quest for the Holy Grail’, said SHE.

‘ Oh ! yeah much big fan of his writings. Wow.. Mary Shelley, i loved it and such an interesting narrative. Sorry too’. By the time they discussed few good reads which they fall for, the thread of the bookmarks get tangled by him. Both went their ways smiling, it’s awesome to discuss books with fellow bibliophiles but it was the first time both discussed it with a stranger thereby giving them a new experience.

SHE moved to her destination and HE too, just taking everything casually when they met once again and that too in CITY LIBRARY.

‘ HELLO’ both greeted as soon as they reached there at the same time.

‘So, you were heading towards this ?’ asked SHE.

‘I can ask you the same question. Oh ! Yes’

‘Great. Happy Reading then’. They both took their seats and got busy with their readings when she realized she lost her heart pendant which she might have lost during the collision. She stood up and walked straight to him before she could ask he put that heart pendant in front of her saying,’You can keep your heart if you wish to but its likely to be more safe with me’. She was baffled at this statement but realized she got her better half, oh no, the best one. She just let him keep her heart and they kissed inside the library making way for a better fantasy with no magic or exaggeration, just 2 hearts who felt a sort of clarity in their LOVE.

-Story Time, created by Shalini Sharrma.