Sound of silence #WriteDecember


The insects,

Passing by vehicles,

Machine sound,

Banging doors,

Dreaming child,

Horns all over,

Everything’s changing,

Except the constant sound of silence,

So pure,

So consistent,

So addictive,

And… Never lost.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


Lesson 1

The day you arrived,

I was happy as hell,

To welcome the newness,

The natural process of reproduction of this world,

You hold on to my utreus,

Like a rope to climb the ladder of life,

Growing, feeling, thinking every sense of being alive,

Love that my body showers and still showering amidst the storm,

You hold on tight to your mom’s senses,

To bring solace to her nerves,

Her never ending struggle with the world around,

Carrying you all these months is like carrying a part of myself with care,

The moment you’ll be out,

You’ll still be the part i never want to part with,

Keep that smile, remember and that strength to strengthen your being forever,

That’s what the first lesson your mom’s teaching you this teacher’s day for your new life.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

A Girl

I was bided by chance,

To a man who loves to make me cry,

Harass by all means- Mental, physical, sexual,

Tried to numb my pain,

People call it adjustment,

I call it death,

Death of my being, identity, my true self, my freedom

Suffocating me to a whole new level with means abundant,

I staked my life twice in attempts to suicide,

Wondering maybe next life will bring shine,

Surfing lots of videos on divorce hardly helped,

Procedure seemed lengthy plus full of stress,

Then i was one day blessed with a child,

Thinking him/her to be my angel,

I again compromised,

I silently cried my heart out to the child,

The child respondes in what language – i can’t say,

Jumping inside very hard he/she made his/her opinion,

I got thankful atleast the child have some emotions,

Meanwhile, harassment continues now to a whole new level,

With an unsuccessful attempt to murder me & my child to mental torture,

I cried & cried thinking of horror i experienced that day of losing 2 lives,

Burn the books that bind a girl to this miserable state,

Let the vows of marriage be declared all fake,

Let no girl be duped by these monsters seeking educated girl with dowry,

Let no parent ever spend on girl’s marriage instead of her education,

Let nobody be given right to bound a girl when she wants to leave,

Let her go, let her go,

As a girl of dignity or as a restless ghost.

-Infinite Being ❤


I have no name,

No identify,

Call me anything,

Love or hate,

Doesn’t matter,

Am still there lying lifeless,

Brooding over the past,

What went wrong or

Am on the right others still lost ?

Counting the days,

When was the last time I smiled ?

Heavy heart,

Yearn for my own self,

I lost long back…..


From :

Infinite Being 💝old-1130743_1920


Loveology – out of course.

I was reader by chance,

Tasting the love that exists in the world,

Until I met him, the love of my heart,

The eternal bliss to depend upon,

The eternal me to love,

There’s no you and I,

Earlier, it was just ME,

The entire whole ME,

And then you ring inside me like an unexplored subject of LOVEOLOGY.

P.S : Hope it makes sense. Till next time !

With 💓 Infinite Being.

Infinite Bliss

Ring the music in my heart of Infinite bliss and love,

Tear apart the rhythm that makes no sense at all,

Include the sounds and your heartbeats,

Giving them a shape of a full fledged being,

Providing super power that dissolves everything yet remains apart,

distinct and firmly grounded on the Infinite note and rhythm,

Create a new me,

Let the old me go venture out like a daring soul,

Now, don’t you speak a word, let me inhale and exhale the real part of that Infinite Bliss…

P.S : Let me know if this piece makes sense.

Till next time ! Stay blessed 🙂


The restless nights, the heart break,

entire day i spend in over thinking,

for that one thing that’s missing in my life,

and many crop up in a second.

The void, the love, the success and what not,

decisions i took long back,

appeared the worst choices of my life.

Unable to keep my head at rest,

i dived into depression,

until i understand,

the air i breathe is a blessing,

the water i drink is a blessing,

the food on my table is a blessing,

the family i have is a blessing,

the education i have is a blessing,

the job i have is a blessing,

the trees around me is a blessing,

the sky on my roof is a blessing,

the rain during monsoon is a blessing,

the coffee on my table is a blessing,

the love that nature showers is a blessing,

and then,

all of a sudden,

clouded mind cleared,

to seek the best i own,

maybe i have no super rocket things,

but the happiest is one,

who knows how to live the blessings to the fullest,

and create plenty out of it.

P.S. Take a minute to count your blessings not complaints and am sure blessings will weigh heavier than complaints. Because life is not perfect and should never be perfect.

Till next time !


I’ll probably wish to go with the flow,

am tired of rowing against it.

Every day getting up and fighting,

no, there’s nothing wrong in it,

nor am tired of that,

but what if the thing is planned or

say destined as such.

In that case am only left with a choice of giving up,

to that flow, that energy that’s guiding,

the entire self,

I won’t say Man proposes, God disposes,

because somehow, we are helpless,

helpless against few incidents,

we can never control,

At last we have only one choice left,

to give up or flow with the flow,

and thus, to never give up,

i’ll choose to flow,

flow and hardly look back again,

to not hurt my soul.


I hear them,

are of all types.

Claiming my peace of mind,

perplexing, many a times.

When angry, rebelling, sad, gloomy, happy,

they leave me hardly at times.

I respond to them,

still they want my presence every single time.

If i want to shut them,

they urge for my sanity.

The moment i take a long deep breath,

they mock my methods.

Even in oxygen, they add CO to suffocate me,

black out my mind.

To let me think not,

just react haphazardly.

It then made me guilty,

guilty of uncontrollable senses.

And my kith and kin,

certify that am out of my mind.

What to tell them,

about these voices.

They will kill me one day for sure,

but before that i need to live with these voices,

to respond to them every single time.

Missing You.

This month is cruelest of all,

that brings back those happy days I left long back,

Our fun, our cheer, our tears everything that i could hardly relate to,

Your saying, my complaints, nothing sensible though,

The drying rain, the weather that’s no use,

Or am i still struck in that lovely time of OUR,

The fights we fought, the arguments we had,

The faith which shattered so easily,

Your words that still echo in my ears,

This month is the cruelest of all i must say,

It fails all my attempts to be a new ME,

I get back to my cave of melancholy,

To sleep and wait for this month to pass out,

so that am less injured when i come out.