Daily Prompt: Broken

Broken many times during her lifetime, still women get up and join the pieces with their unconditional love and care.

To :

All the beautiful women of this universe πŸ™‚

From :

Infinite Being ❀


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Life lessons from babies’ bags.

YesssΒ  …. You can learn life lessons anywhere – from a motivational book, your own experiences or from anywhere. But if you want to change your beliefs or you need concrete proofs of our basic nature long forgotten because of inappropriate conditioning by so called elders, spend ample time with a baby who’s not so conditioned to meet the society’s expectations and still enjoys FREEDOM.

Here’s a list i had concrete proofs of :

Dance to your own tune : It’s common among us but as we grow we become slave to others. Babies always create their own tune and dance freely whenever they want to.

Obstacles as growing blocks : I deliberately create obstacles with my legs to see what will my baby do and to my surprise instead of retreating, she actually used it to reach the top of the table. Interesting, how we adults see obstacles as obstacles only that’s why we fail to grow.

Speak less but speak effectively : Babies can coo or babble or make any other sound yet they remain silent but when they speak everyone’s eyes, ears all on them. Effectiveness of speaking less which increases the value of words or human.

Enjoy every season to the fullest (100%) : Babies live without barriers, they fall one time cry as hard as they can and smile the other, almost losing their sanity. We cry … Almost fearful for showing tears, hide them and one day those stagnant emotions throw us in depression. So, cry as hard as you can and smile as louder as you want to. Let other be jealous of how expressive you are.

Unconditional love (even when someone hurt or hate you) : Babies hold no grudge for anyone therefore they have clear flow of universal energy that keep them energetic whole day and obvious that’s why we call them ‘Gods’.

Try, try but never cry : Babies try a lot, fall, then keep trying till they hold expert in it. We have long forgotten this trial and error technique. Get it back to live better.

Exploiting opportunities to the fullest : Whenever my baby has an opportunity to be mischievous she uses it, no matter if she gets a slap or rebuke. She just do it.

Trust the process not the result : Babies love to trust the universe and its divine order that we have hard time to believe in. They trust the person holding, caring or hurting them. That’s why they are simple yet powerful.


Ego – Less : They have no identity issues, can get along with almost anyone and don’t even care to boost their MAGIC they do everyday on everyone.

Always in search of NEW : They always need newness in everything, the way they eat -they even try it upside down, on the go and want every old toy to have something new to offer else they refuse to play with it.

Always playing even while working : Work is actually play for them that’s why even if that work doesn’t work they still have guts to play with something else that suit. We adults are so burdened with work. No ? Now get your answer yourself. why ?

Magician : Last but not the least they are real magicians to turn any impossible task, possible. Learn something from them – You spoilt (including me) adults πŸ˜€

So, i don’t think i need to say more. Just UNLEARN and ACHIEVE.

Stay amazing !

Love :

Infinite Being ❀

A letter to Mr. Ruskin Bond


Dear Ruskin,

Hope you’re doing well in your life and still reading and amusing yourself with books. Am ….. Let’s skip the introduction say am one of your reader who loves your writings, your life, struggles and everything is cool about you. You’re the cutest author, grandpa I’ve ever got. A very Happy Birthday.Β May you live longer and soon i’ll get an opportunity to meet you.

You made me love, stories – i was introduced to the thief’s story long back during my school days even when i was not that amazing reader, i just loved it…. Every word, honesty and energy around it. It’s still my favorite, although other writings are remarkable too. This writing specially inspires me to look for humanity in and around. I can still feel that protagonist’s wet notes from the last night. I suddenly dreamed of being a writer – to eat, read ,write and repeat. Though, i write often still i need to get that wonderful story out of me soon.

Your love for mountains, animals and its depiction in your stories is amazing. How easily you make anyone love tiger (fiery, ferocious animal shown as villain everywhere, he too has a heart πŸ˜€ ). I love mountains too, for me best place to read is around nature and natural landscape. So, hi-fi πŸ˜€ I want my daughter to read your writings first even before that crap cindrella stories too old to hang around with to be honest.

JustΒ  stay amazing, blessed and smiling.

Yours :

Love among the bookshelves πŸ™‚


My first time in Air :)

I have never been on plane before and people around me had enjoyed this journey long back. So, finally the day came when i got the opportunity to board a domestic flight to Ahemdabad πŸ™‚Β  This section is all about my experience there in Air :

I was super lucky to get a window seat to stare out and connect myself to the horizon beyond that blue sky … Sounds amazing no ??? πŸ˜€ Initially it was nervousness, a sort of pressure maybe because of altitude. The moment i experienced am in Air, i gazed out of that small window to see if human really exist.. Trust me , NOT. Only NATURE exists everywhere, clearly visible but sad enough deforestation left only barren land to stare at such heights. While boarding from one state to another, i tried to figure out the lines that demarcate the states but all i was doing was recalling ‘The Shadow Lines’ by Amitav Ghosh and can say it ‘Lines exists only in our minds’. Even limitations (Mark it).

Then, i observed the white light that differentiate the Earth and its elements from the mystic, transcendental blue clear sky that connects to the oneness of this Universe. When the staff informed we are at 13,000 ft. Above i was awestruck.. Woww… READING at such heights is too good an experience and what’s best than my favorite Robin Sharma (Forever fan).

While in Ahemdabad, i realized such beautiful is the place and such sweet Gujratis are. Their every dish has a flavour of sweetness, later someone told me that to digest their food better they add jaggery in every dish πŸ˜€ I loved it and wonder if they can digest our spicy culture, maybe YES πŸ˜€

Overall, everything was awesome and i was so happy as well as blessed for this wonderful journey. Thank you wright brothers for such an invention πŸ™‚

Me at Ahemdabad airport πŸ™‚Β 

Till next time !

Love :

Infinite Being ❀



Sometimes by chance just for few seconds or say milli seconds we experience that oneness where there’s no difference between YOU and I or TRUE SELF or EGO SELF, also where none exists that’s the time when that long hidden secret of NATURE is OUT.

– Recall activities in your life where you have experienced it.


Infinite Being ❀

I got fired #writingcontest


‘I got fired today, feeling low as never’ said Sugandha in her unusual tone, her muscles of the entire body ache as she said those words to herself.

‘Spending all day and night, to this never ending task, i am finally fired not from this job but from even the lives of the people i was devoted to’. It was sad sad day for her. Her entire hard work of years to make things happen gone wasted as those 3 words were spoken by her children and husband (whom she supported every single time, good or bad). Now, she was literally homeless, workless and full of memories she wants to run away from.

Things changed in just 3 words.Β  Wow ! Taking her bag of expectations she heads towards the river in her local area, opened the bag and just throw it away, deciding to never blame them again for her miserable state. She’s clearly not an object to be played or fool around and logically, it was she who invested herself happily then why this melodrama now. Let it end. Remember the Bhagwat Gita sutra told by her mother – ‘Karm kro, phal k chinta mat karo’ (Just do the karma, fruits are not in your hands. They may be in favor or turn against you). While throwing that bag she brought to that house on her wedding, she repeated the sutra, strengthening herself even more and then it was gone. Now it is her turn to flow with the flow of life without interruption. She is clueless to where to go but then she remind herself of – to flow with the flow, hence, took the first bus and boarded it without asking where it will go. Next day, she found herself in entirely new place – she never knew that place even exist in that state.

Picking up her necessary items, she moved to an Ashram nearby for free accommodation and food. She was hungry since yesterday. After the meal, she blessed the God and Goddess for that wonderful free treat and slept. The moment she gained her senses back, it was evening and everyone in that Ashram was busy doing their chores. She decided to meet the Head priest to ask if he needs her help in any chore. He directed him to join the disciples and others.

She did her task skillfully, helping everyone from child to an old man. She felt a sort of lovely feeling doing so.

Few days passed and she was still busy helping others until one fine day she was struck with an idea worth implementing. She went to every member of the Ashram for humble request if they are willing to join her in this idea of her. Sadly, she was laughed at and not taken seriously. It didn’t mind her, though as Bhagwat Gita sutra was fixed in her mind.

So, she went out to work herself.

Days passed and months gone by and she worked and worked until one day she got her MT business registered herself plus employ people to train and work under her for better service experiences.

Her Multi-Tasking business flourished and even IPO was launched successfully.

Seeing her photo in the newspaper, being interviewed and listed among the most successful self made business woman, she can’t hold back her tears.

Today, the only thing she teaches her employees is to work hard and fight back whenever they are fired for no reason (in any walk of life).

Being crazy is the only way to being sane πŸ™‚

*The End*

P.S : Hope you enjoyed it. Wrote it as a part of writing contest.

Love :

Infinite Being ❀

Daily Prompt: Patience

‘Kitna madhur, tera mera sath.. Lena hoga janam hume kaye – kaye baar’ song blurred out of the radio, late at night. The sound reached miles due to absolute darkness and tranquility. The aura it created was just amazing. The patience, the listener showed while he played the song every single night to re ensure himself of being one with his soul one day. To be divine and full of love with the painful wounds of his life. He’s growing each day and will definitely reach there with patience and persistence.

Love :

Infinite Being ❀

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Earth is really round in shape….

I don’t need pictures from NASA to get assured that Earth is round or flat in shape. Its for sure round as in life, sometimes you seem to be going nowhere except round and round like a vicious circle with no starting or end point. Even in spirituality, birth and death, death and birth, nothing new to be honest. Round is like a trap, on a day there’s hope to find light at the end of dark tunnel but then again just a glimpse of light and again a long, dark tunnel. This darkness bothers me a lot. It is like not an enemy still something you can’t figure out its structure, mass, volume, its end of course so, am still dwelling in the same aspect like an infant floating in the darkness of the mother’s womb. Don’t know where to go but still very sure that, day broad light is still waiting ahead, one more step and there’s plenty of miracles awaiting my presence or is it am trapped in the roundness of the Earth ?

Whatever, am writing again after long still trapped in scribbling on paper or onΒ Infinite BeingΒ . Stay amazing everyone !


Infinite Being ❀