Story of a chair.

‘When people do sit on you ? How do you feel Mr. chair’, asked the human.

‘Well, i’m glad am of some use to the humankind whose so mean to throw me, kick me and hurt me thinking am inanimate object’, sobbed Mr. Chair and almost broke down when he spoke those 2 heart breaking words –ย inanimate objects. Handing him the handkerchief, the human heart cracked inside just to see the state he made of creatures both animate and mute around.

An ambulance was called carrying a carpenter to fix Mr. Chair’s grief – a heartbreak, clearly he showed the signs of depression, tired of serving, haunted with human presence for years.

And every news channel flooded with the reports and questions never to be answered, what kind of development is this ? Where are the rights of a chair ? Who permitted trees to be chopped off to be converted into furniture ? Who will take care of plastic ones when broken ?

Mr. Chair went through various treatments finally, unable to survive the heartbreak had to left this world with last words on his lips,’ If ever i was reborn, i’ll never be a human’.

That’s we are.

Make your human avatar of some use not misuse.

Short story from :

Infinite being โค



Am I late ??


Dear Readers,

On 15 Dec. My blog turned 1, cute baby of 1 with all its ups and downs, expressions, ideas, opinions and love I tried to shower on it and will always. The next best mode of expression for me without wasting papers which I used to do and sometimes, even now. May this blog grow more and more, no matter if I handle it or someone else, so keep supporting and not to miss my buddies I made here who are reservoir of new horizon and ideas. We don’t know each other yet share a bond with ideas.

Plus, I got married this month of the year which has increased my responsibilities and reduced my time but today, I resolved to write and be present as Infinite Being to let others know – am coming back soon and with greater zeal ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next time !

Stay blessed !

Love from

Infinite Being ๐Ÿ’“

Loveology – out of course.

I was reader by chance,

Tasting the love that exists in the world,

Until I met him, the love of my heart,

The eternal bliss to depend upon,

The eternal me to love,

There’s no you and I,

Earlier, it was just ME,

The entire whole ME,

And then you ring inside me like an unexplored subject of LOVEOLOGY.

P.S : Hope it makes sense. Till next time !

With ๐Ÿ’“ Infinite Being.

Rightfully wrong.

How pure we were, when born and how the spoiled adults made of us in a course of time, it’s remarkable to see how generations are spoiling generations with limited knowledge and perspective to glue newbies to so called ‘LIFE’, projecting their insecurities and never accepting them.

Here’s 3 rightfully wrongs to be beware of :

  1. God is up : No, god is not up. It’s right inside you and you need not to search him anywhere then within and within every other being. God must be laughing on us stating,’Morons, will search everywhere except within, for me’. ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Control : Day before yesterday i saw ‘Love you zindagi’ trailer and i was mesmerized with the idea that how since childhood we are taught to supress than express and later on which create various psychological and communication issues that may lead to suicidal instincts or purgation of emotions in a wrong way.๐Ÿ˜ถ
  3. Competition : We are not born for it, to compete or so called theory of survival. Our essence knows what we are and how much and for how long we can go with our natural, in built self. In way of fixing, spoiled Adults actually break up, letting the natural light to burn in hell ๐Ÿ˜ข

So, it’s important for us to make our next GEN smarter and capable but not with old values and rigid ideas, if this was the case we won’t have creativity and abundant opportunities around instead 9 to 5 work.

Think about it and pls counter attack, if you disagree in any way. Stay Amazing๐Ÿ˜Š

With ๐Ÿ’— Infinite Being.

Blog buddies.


Like any other buddies in real life, blog buddies are equally amazing people of this digital world called Internet where we create, express, share, agree, disagree, contradict and find worthy people worth talking to and learn new things from. so, in a way am lucky enough to get so many lovely people around me to boost me and share the happiness of creating and writing.

Till next time.

I am a blog buddy withย Blog Chatter.

I missed you all…

Hello every follower and to every blog i follow,

I was absent for few days due to my exams and i miss all you bloggers whom i read and my blog which was all alone since then. I’ll be regular now and have to catch so many blog posts from where i left. So, get ready to see your blog being hijacked.

Good News : Will be starting a new blog series : ‘Yoga diaries’ soon. It will be fun narrating the fun i encounter doing Yoga.

Shalini (Random Ragas)


A to Z Challenge #April 2016

Hello Bloggers,

It’s time to take a challenge that will challenge my writing and creating skills more, so am taking up April’s A to Z Challenge i.e Blogging every day starting from April 1 to 26 and in alphabetical order. You can see further details here

Well as far as theme is concerned am already working on it and will reveal it soon. So, keep watching this space for more. Till then keep reading and creating.

Challenge yourself today ๐Ÿ™‚