Loveology – out of course.

I was reader by chance,

Tasting the love that exists in the world,

Until I met him, the love of my heart,

The eternal bliss to depend upon,

The eternal me to love,

There’s no you and I,

Earlier, it was just ME,

The entire whole ME,

And then you ring inside me like an unexplored subject of LOVEOLOGY.

P.S : Hope it makes sense. Till next time !

With 💓 Infinite Being.


Cheers ! continued…

Cheers ! he was down the lane to enjoy his new job appointment as a mason. His job appeared to him pretty simple, just to put that cloth on his head, fetch few bricks and arrange them to make it a proper house and since he was working under the constructor so he had to work accordingly, using no mind of his own, just doing what he instructed and at the end of the day he was in possession of rupees 300. ‘Isn’t it amazing?’ he thought. No due, instant payment and after a span he’ll manage to take few holidays and will enjoy a bit more.

‘Cheers’ all of his friends said in union. They drank all night and slept in the same meeting park and woke up late with heavy head and a sort of dizziness. Mahi was vulnerable there and then he decided to never celebrate like this again. Picked up himself and washed his face from the tubewell water to wake his spirits up and to rush to his newly found work. He was literally running as fast as he could so as to save every minute for giving not a single chance to his boss to cut his wages due to being late.

‘Phewww..’ he saw the preparations was going on to start the work and he was finally, on time. He just put on his cloth and get to work without getting noticed. Picked more bricks than usual to impress the boss but the inside pain was unbearable. At last when he reached the 1st story of the building, he unloaded all in a go that let him lie flat on his back when all of a sudden the non properly cemented bricks fell on his head, injuring him there in the cerebellum.

But to his surprise he was not at all hurt, strangely he was in so much enthusiasm and energy that he got up to get his hands on his work when he realized there was no work in the place, he was in a school with an odd uniform unlike other children. Studying and sitting on those dusted benches. He collected and put himself to the last bench so as nobody could notice. Today, the teacher was telling about DESTINY, how few people possibly the great celebrities did to change their lives. He was clearly unaware of those and felt like running away when the last line reached his ears that froze him forever. The teacher emphasised on words,’You are the master of your destiny, nobody else could decide who you want to be, no matter what you’re at present you can always be whatever you want to’. His mind was busy grasping the statement when he raised left hand and asked in hesitation,’ Mam..mam.. can i be The President of our country’. The other students laughed out loud and giggled on his rag like appearance. He was stoned to embarrassment that drenched his cheeks with tears. Unable to even coo his pain, he sat down from where he picked himself up in excitement. Teacher just reached him, took out the handkerchief and wiped his tears to let his eyes clearly met her for her to said those words,’Yes, you can and if anybody has doubts, let them live and laugh at their state but you.. you go ahead and reach for your aim’. She said those words with such confidence that he was moved entirely from head to toe as if that eye contact had hypnotised him, forgetting his pathetic, animal like state.

Then all of a sudden he felt a bucketful of water being poured to his clothes, he opened his eyes in a fit of amazement and watched the people circling around him, shouting out his name but he preferred to get lost in his new powerful, possible state. He was given the first aid and the work continued but this time Mahi worked harder – to earn and to learn. He enrolled himself to a nearby school to continue his studies and mostly found with a book in his hand en route to work, his friends missed him dearly but his passion had griped his throat so as to let him die for it.

‘…That’s what you do when you have found your passion, passion to be something, to burn in that fire inside, to let yourself be staked for that one thing in life. so, what’s yours in this case. Think about it’. ‘Thank you so much honorable President for your passionate words for our school children, am sure they will find their one thing that they strive for, very soon. Thank you very much sir’ the host cheered out on his story that he told to the students. All gave him a standing ovation for his will and determination to be exceptional in his life.

Mahi has an added responsibilities these days, to handle the entire Nation, a vision to take his words, country ahead so as to always Cheers !

Till next time !

You are free to add on your views on Mahi’s change of destiny ?

Yoga Diary #5

It’s almost a month when am pretty regular with Yoga, and i truly feel the change. I hardly spend 1 hour and in that 1 hour i learn to control my postures, bring flexibility to my body and Inner Peace. That’s where i find him – The Inner Peace, the only hour of the day when am with myself, being one with my body and one with the universe who’s constantly watching around.

The day i did SuryaNamaskara (a yogic posture) i was never the same. I felt like every part of my body is on fire, that fire of flexibility (although, it ached my back when i last tried it trying to hold more of every step, it has lot more steps but this time i hold it right 😛 ) which will surely give you a satisfaction that you did something today. I have seen many people hitting the gym, lifting the dumbells but trust me if you make them do SuryaNamaskara, either they’ll fail ( i bet on that) or their flexibility will surrender maybe because they are training themselves for something hardcore.

Okay, forget it. I was telling you about Surya Namaskara, if you’ve less time and want to exercise also, try Surya Namaskara, it will tone your body perfectly in just 15 mins and depends on how much time you would like to hold on to every posture.

Yoga Progress : *Tada* am able to do sarvangasana .. yayy… almost a step behind head stand 😀 Am still not that light to perform Mayurasana or even near about it 😦

Yoga Goals : To be able to do head stand and Mayurasana 🙂

Till next time, Adopt Yoga and attack the day 🙂

In path of becoming a Yogi.

Shalini Sharrma



P for Prioritize… #atozchallenge #motivation

One of the positive word that simplifies our lives in a better way. Prioritize or thinking in advance what is to be done, creates a sort of order that motivates further to perform the tasks even better. In this super busy world we have so much to do – from Job to hobbies to family to time for self but with clearly defined priorities one can eliminate wasteful and useless activities which provides nothing.

The real secret to get things done is knowing what need to be left undone.

Before understanding this term, i was myself confused so as to how to manage my daily routines and other new activities i want to try my hands on. With this am quite happy as i now know what exactly i need to spend my time on. For eg : socialization is important but what if my priority is to socialize more with my family at dinning hours than on media which yields more of sleeplessness and headaches.

This term i find more best for house wives, even working ones who have endless work to carry on the entire day. I mean c’mmon give it some break. Be good at few tasks, others are not hard to handle. I often try to teach my mom this but moms want to be super moms and it’s difficult for me to understand this concept.

The person who tries to do everything, ultimately achieves nothing ~ Robin Sharma

I’ll prioritize REST today and you ?  😀

So, better be worth at few things than to be worst at everything. That’s what priority is all about 🙂


Hazy Perspective


I look through my glass,

It’s all fog outside,

I wondered why Haziness ruling the world,

Or my glasses need to be clear… !

Then, dumbstruck,

I watched the human sight,

That walks all proudly to kill everyone,

By pushing their virtues in darkness,

In quest of controlling the world,

Man is losing his inner sight,

Everyday, Every Night,

He’s learned least from the 2 Wars,

That murdered innocent,

Just for a ‘Waste Land‘,

Just to terrorize,

Aliens will probably laugh at us,

Seeing the pathetic state we own,

When they can’t love & support their race,

How they call them ‘Superiors’,

They are so bad to even know themselves,

And you expect these mini, haughty creatures to be the apex of Universe,

Miserable are the ‘Homo sapiens‘ who are unconscious of their inner world full of Peace, clarity, calmness and acceptance,

Thus, the Haziness seems to dissolve all in a second and cleared the Visibility.


Holding a pencil mighty,

She’s scribbling something quietly,

Sincerely are the moves of Graphite,

That convince an Epic being written.


Pausing at moments,

Just to reconsider her statements,

Lines if they Rhyme, words do they make Sense,

Cutting certain points that weaken her thoughts.

She’s scribbling all alone & apart.


A burden, a thought, a heartbreak,

Testing her patience to complete the essay,

The moment she’s on verge of completion…..


She was confiscated,

Her writings torn down to pieces,

To leave them desolate forever,

The Pencil cried, the words frustated,

When she was killed by her Rapist.


Is it ever worth to supress the agitation,

The Justice denied,

After her death,

Some joined the crumbs in order that says ;

A, B, C…. How could that man is free’,

Thus, with tears in eyes all took a step to raise her buried voice,

Let’s stop this… Then & Now,

It’s a curse to live in a ‘Society with Child Abusers… Every then & How’.

Let every childhood & innocence survive.

P.S : Change is needed in every aspect for Children in Our society.