A letter to Mr. Ruskin Bond


Dear Ruskin,

Hope you’re doing well in your life and still reading and amusing yourself with books. Am ….. Let’s skip the introduction say am one of your reader who loves your writings, your life, struggles and everything is cool about you. You’re the cutest author, grandpa I’ve ever got. A very Happy Birthday.Β May you live longer and soon i’ll get an opportunity to meet you.

You made me love, stories – i was introduced to the thief’s story long back during my school days even when i was not that amazing reader, i just loved it…. Every word, honesty and energy around it. It’s still my favorite, although other writings are remarkable too. This writing specially inspires me to look for humanity in and around. I can still feel that protagonist’s wet notes from the last night. I suddenly dreamed of being a writer – to eat, read ,write and repeat. Though, i write often still i need to get that wonderful story out of me soon.

Your love for mountains, animals and its depiction in your stories is amazing. How easily you make anyone love tiger (fiery, ferocious animal shown as villain everywhere, he too has a heart πŸ˜€ ). I love mountains too, for me best place to read is around nature and natural landscape. So, hi-fi πŸ˜€ I want my daughter to read your writings first even before that crap cindrella stories too old to hang around with to be honest.

JustΒ  stay amazing, blessed and smiling.

Yours :

Love among the bookshelves πŸ™‚



WOW – ‘Dear 16 year old me’

Dear Shalini Sharrma,

Hope you’re doing good because am fine here and today, I will revive your memory when you were just baby 16, that fatty, cutie 16 πŸ˜€ You wished to be an engineer but the moment you were given the choice between commerce and commerce, you chose commerce and shed few tears to move on in life.

I still remember the day when you confessed to your mother that you hardly want to change your school as you love your friends and their aura but again when she gave the argument of ‘You’re a way smarter in terms of making friends. You hardly have to worry about making friends’ and you had to chose between new school and new school, so you chose new school where you entered with baby steps keeping that heartbeat at a normal rate. And within a month you had so many amazing classmates to call friends and from where you got your 2 besties.

There and then you decided you’ll be an entrepreneur as you love business with ethics, ethics was something your focus was on since you got introduced with the subject and your favorite teacher, the one and only Rajni mam who’s again business studies teacher whom you adore and respect alot irrespective of the entire class who called her ‘Hitler’. Her hopes and love for you was immense and not to forgot that leopard like reading speed with which you always amaze your colleagues and teacher with and that scholar of your class, always requesting you to go a bit slow in reading lessons and in turn you increase your speed and conclude the chapter in few minutes (Let go that fatty scholar with green coat, he will surely read this again at home) πŸ˜€

That canteen samsosa which was you and your bestie’s favorite, your hyper attention and activeness during games period and decision to play Kho – Kho and then Judo at state level. To skip classes and then make an excuse of being a sports girl, preparing for matches πŸ˜€ Β That first stance of infatuation – that maturity which was yet to come to differentiate love and attraction and to settle your attraction for a friend, making him your best friend forever.

Studying whole heartedly to be independent, preparing for every single chotu test and scoring full marks in that. Shattered dreams whenever you score less than that, that stupid quest of being at top. Falling and picking up yourself and partially by parents to ensure that you learn life lessons properly. That new excitement to try everything in dress, sports and bunk (although, i hardly bunk).

And that stupid declaration that you’ll be married by 24, amazing all your other friends who were better at wedding plans and all πŸ˜‰

That stupid holi celebrations that you always hid from and just forcefully attacked by your friends and family, that care free nature about your skin and using every other product fearlessly, how much you have changed in skin care perspective at least πŸ˜€

The 1st time you read Shiv Khera’s YOU CAN WIN that brain stormed the perspective that others gave you and your eye popping reaction to that new world full of positive energy and possibilities that eventually transformed you as a READER you’re now.

To give up the stage fear and prove your confident self. I loved the way you were so exciting, spirited and adventurous, giving outlet to every single new thing you want to try. Now, in my 20s as am becoming an adult, i am realizing my heart no longer wants to play out as it used to. Although, am still fun loving, kiddish at heart, a learner and still dream to be an entrepreneur, nature of a person hardly changes. Right πŸ˜‰

Dear, 16 year old me. Don’t you worry your Shalini is just the same with new software of adults installed and still wish to experience every adventure sport of the world πŸ˜€

With Love

One and only Shalini Sharrma

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An open letter to Ravana.

Respected Ravana,

I hope you’re good, where ever you’re and maybe blessed too. I am writing this letter to you because i have no choice. Lately, am into the book by Anand Neelakantan’s Asura – The tale of the vanquished where the author is trying to enlighten your state, your inner thoughts and your struggle as a demon, am sorry i won’t be calling you demon as you were not and will never will. You just tried to rebel all the loop holes in Deva system and their hierarchical order. You were half brahmin and half Raakshas , struggling everyday with the humiliation you were exposed to. I empathize you, did you hear me. I really do. I never thought i’ll someday support you seeing what you did to Honorable Sita and i guess i will never endorse your act but still you were not that bad. The way you honored her which was shattered and taken lightly by Rama was heart breaking. I always want to question Rama on that issue, since childhood i guess. I mean just to prove few right and yourself an ideal you did wrong to a woman and that was not really cool. Am sorry if i offend but i guess i don’t.

Coming back to the Hero of the story am reading and almost on verge of completing it, i believe you possessed more ethics than any other of your opponent. I am no intellect, i have much to research but i am writing just to let you know, few in India do really care for you and am among them. And maybe in future i’ll let my children know the both sides of epic Ramayana and let them decide instead of just narrating them what others told Β and they can decide themselves. The best thing i learn about you is – You decided to bring new change or to revive the race almost on the verge of extinction was no bad idea. Wish you implemented few other things to at least maintain love and respect of your people as Bhadra. We would be reading a different history then and let me tell you most of the people here adapt and show few things and thus, fail to recognize the truth behind your intentions.

I think am done, do write if possible and am thankful to this author for opening the world full of amazing insights and to let me in your shoes, once.

Yours truly

Shalini Sharrma

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Dear 30 year Old me.

I believe when i’ll grow and reach 30 yrs of my this avatar.

We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience ~ Anonymous

I’ll be more mature, have a full fledged library and feel more secure in my life than am today. I’ll keep reading and teaching (one of the thing i’ll never give up), maybe by the time i have a loving spouse and cute kids to take care of but i will still love to find time for myself amid busyness. I’ll be able to cook octopus (Hahah.. Just kidding, my mom will kill if she read this) by then, who knows. Most importantly, I’ll be what i really dreamed of ‘It’s secret’ and will probably publish a book which am trying hard to complete.

Sometimes am not able to understand my parents, by then i’ll be thanking my mom & dad for all the efforts they put in my parenting. I still want to visit Mountains twice a year just to feel again and again the fun of reading at an altitude, maybe i’ll be that motivated to scale Mt. Everest and click myself from the top cuddling a book πŸ˜€

It will be fun to continue drinking coffee and reading greedily (every newspaper and magazines) on Sundays, refusing to work at all on that day. To be dusting off my books from my shelf and recollecting memories. I don’t know if Twitter will exist but i’ll miss the new buddies i bonded up which i initially and gradually made. I’ll still be following Mr. Ruskin Bond and Robin sir’s words. To listen to Eminem raps, Bieber’s soft tracks and dance madly to Every rock and roll songs. I’ll be looking back at my stupid, crazy photos and laugh at every single immature thing i did and doing in my 20s. So, dear 30 year old me don’t doubt or fear, you’ll just the same as you were with bit modifications installed πŸ™‚

Let's grow fearlessly πŸ™‚

What’s your opinion being 30 years old ? What you really want to be/ see yourself when you reach this age ?