Sound of silence #WriteDecember


The insects,

Passing by vehicles,

Machine sound,

Banging doors,

Dreaming child,

Horns all over,

Everything’s changing,

Except the constant sound of silence,

So pure,

So consistent,

So addictive,

And… Never lost.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


Lesson 1

The day you arrived,

I was happy as hell,

To welcome the newness,

The natural process of reproduction of this world,

You hold on to my utreus,

Like a rope to climb the ladder of life,

Growing, feeling, thinking every sense of being alive,

Love that my body showers and still showering amidst the storm,

You hold on tight to your mom’s senses,

To bring solace to her nerves,

Her never ending struggle with the world around,

Carrying you all these months is like carrying a part of myself with care,

The moment you’ll be out,

You’ll still be the part i never want to part with,

Keep that smile, remember and that strength to strengthen your being forever,

That’s what the first lesson your mom’s teaching you this teacher’s day for your new life.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

Loveology – out of course.

I was reader by chance,

Tasting the love that exists in the world,

Until I met him, the love of my heart,

The eternal bliss to depend upon,

The eternal me to love,

There’s no you and I,

Earlier, it was just ME,

The entire whole ME,

And then you ring inside me like an unexplored subject of LOVEOLOGY.

P.S : Hope it makes sense. Till next time !

With 💓 Infinite Being.

It’s when you love

You forgot the world, they say when you love,

That’s not true, everyone has backup plans.

One always in dreams of his/her love,

Absolutely wrong, how could then one sleeps 8-9 hours long.

Everything appears beautiful & world, a better place,

It’s just the shift of perspective when you’re in love.

One spends less time in company, more time alone,

Even in that case you’re busy figuring out the person you love.

You want to be with him/her most of the time,

But why then at certain point one really wants to break it up.

Promises are made, vows shouted out loud all with a hug,

Still family logic feels more sensible than that stupid love.

It’s when you’re in ❤ , you’re logical , sensible, understanding, passionate, calm and be awesome each day,

Instead of making castles of sand, you ❤ to be in ❤

P.S : I believe its high time LOVE needs true LOVE and sensibility instead of what LOVE is presented since ages 😛

L for Love… #atozchallenge #motivation

One of the best word with superb feel – LOVE, that can make any senseless
and such inanimate objects come alive. The first stance of love we encounter was
when we were kids from our parents who loved and grew us up with this feel.
Love is such pure feel that one can sacrifice anything for this feel like Our moms
who keep us safe, full of love everyday when in womb and bear much pain to
bring us in this world and last but never the least, sacrifice every moment
in making us even better in life. This is true love. Isn’t it ?

I often feel pity for those people who commit suicide in name of love that’s
so much superficial in terms and such less in intensity. I am not saying love
among all couples are like that but what we need today is Unconditional
Love not to give up your life but to live with that love forever and ever.

Love is something that can be used in our lives positively and in a fantastic
way to ensure our personal growth. Getting up each morning, love your life-
love to be alive one more day to see the beauty outside your window, love the
flowers and greenry outside/ in your balcony, i have seen people taking care
of plants as they nourish their child – my dad is among them he loves them…
Love the job, the one that makes you independent everyday – to be self
sufficient and even if you don’t irrespective of your reasons – try love it
and it will no longer be your work – just play. In case it’s extremely difficult
for you to do that after so much efforts, figure out what you love – maybe it’s
a hobby or something, do it every day and grow that way, am sure you’ll
find your true LOVE.

Love is important after all that’s why we have a HEART that sense all
sort of emotions and act positively for this form.


Be so busy loving yourself and others surrounding you, that you have
no time to hate others.

And not to miss, express it everyday. Sending lots of love your way 🙂