Displaced #WriteDecember

I know of a place which is 100% haunted. What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘haunted’ ?? Ghosts, departed souls or creatures unknown. But trust me i’ve seen the fear in the eyes, absolute blankness and an urge to  shout had left me in utter shock. How can one be so silent, so patient or say too generous when it’s the matter of survival ?? Darwin evolved the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ but why he doesn’t want to fit anymore.

The floor was a little high above the ground, a sort of dilapidated, extended threshold of an old, torn house where everyday a paid servant cleanly put up the table in between 5 chairs whose numbers can increase or decrease as per the need, for the men to assemble pretending to be doing some business talks enjoying the sun bath in the cold winter days, unaware of the fact that they haunted the place for more than a month now.

Earlier it used to be the running, dancing and eating ground of a peacock whose only appearance does the magic, bringing life to the place, cheers of children on seeing him, the beauty that does magic to the low feelings instantly turning them to calm vibrations.

He had left past many days seeing his freedom at stake, he’s that fearful that he had labelled the place as ‘HAUNTED’ with humans pretending, running and foolishly going from absolute control to no-where. If they understand the same, i hope its not late by that time they introspect their world within.

It’s a painful process – displacement. Isn’t it ?

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


Letting Go #WriteDecember


Easy to say than done ! Trust me it’s so hard. I’ve watched few YouTube videos on it and i got less help. The only thing everyone’s focussing on is ‘Let Go’ but ‘How’ that’s what am seeking for. I mean practical ways instead of its benefits.

Do you know any practical steps to Let Go ? How do you Let Go ?

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

Control #WriteDecember


Saw few kids playing in the park where one was trying to get control over every situation of the game, even the words, sentences and how to ACT !

I found that Ridiculous, how often we do the same with our lives, inviting the scripted events but what if it never happened that ways.

Sometimes it’s good to let go off any control over person, relationships and even situations. If they meant to mend they will else we are just players playing a game of life. At the end our ultimate freedom matters !

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

Infinite Bliss

Ring the music in my heart of Infinite bliss and love,

Tear apart the rhythm that makes no sense at all,

Include the sounds and your heartbeats,

Giving them a shape of a full fledged being,

Providing super power that dissolves everything yet remains apart,

distinct and firmly grounded on the Infinite note and rhythm,

Create a new me,

Let the old me go venture out like a daring soul,

Now, don’t you speak a word, let me inhale and exhale the real part of that Infinite Bliss…

P.S : Let me know if this piece makes sense.

Till next time ! Stay blessed 🙂

Inner Peace

‘Come…come.. inner peace, i don’t have much time left to leave for my office’ pleaded Rishab, almost murmuring to himself when his 4 year old gave a skeptical look to his behavior of talking to himself.

‘Ma, What’s pa doing ?’

‘Nothing son, he’s gone mad and talk to himself most of the time. Why don’t you go out and play’ . He just ignored his dad and went out to enjoy his holiday. The moment he went out, Rishab’s wife yelled out to him to move out, complaining at times regarding this & that and he said nothing, nothing at all.

Instead he was smiling, he got that inner peace finally he was trying for past half an hour which made him realize there’s an order in chaos, silence amid noise and inner peace within external turmoil.

“Universe is mysterious and the one who made it, too”, he went happily to his office as if he found something big that day 🙂

Letter of concern #WeeklyPrompt

The Earth dwellers,
Third planet,

Dear Home sapiens,

Hope you’re good and working well. Writing this letter after so many years, i guess and am not sure if anyone else has written to you before or not. You all are so intellects and somewhat superior because you all have a mind which separates you from other beings. You know well that you’re spoiling the Earth with your dirty/ waste inventions and claiming superiority in every sphere, here actually, you lack the common sense that’s why your Ancestors always talked of peace of mind that you’re losing everyday, becoming more busier, passionate and excited to settle even on other planets, destroying the one which gave/gives you and the Generations – a shelter, means of living and love in the form of nature.
I know you’ll counter attack me by mentioning the advantages all this madness have brought you ‘The inventions have increased the life span , gives better connectivity, made us more luxurious and have even solved mysteries of the universe”. Well, let me tell you one thing that logic never works everywhere take any example of a miracle in your day to day life, by increasing the life span you’ve created more environmental disorder with your new technologies that has given rise to new and incurable diseases thereby, destroying the natural immunity among us, for what you said ‘Connectivity’ it has distanced you even from your inner self forget about the others. You’ve made your life a sort of facade which appears so beautiful but is too hollow from the core as you have no tuning with your own soul. With luxury you’ve increased the troubles by depending upon idiot boxes too much for entertainment, warmth, food etc. Every thing has lost it’s true value and as far as mysteries are solved whether that of planets or universe you’re simply wasting your time, why not to make the place better where you live, it’s people calmer than waging wars for a piece of land and make every single creature coexisting happier than conquering everything.

I don’t know how you’ll react but trust me you’re on a wrong way. You truly not care about your own race and mindlessly destroying the hundred and years old natural made creation called Mother Earth. Just do one thing take a deep breath, sit quietly and introspect for a minute or two to measure the damage you’ve already done + is doing to Our Earth. Looking forward for your reply on that.

Yours truly
One among You.

P.S : This post is a part of weekly prompt given by @BlogChatter who conduct Blog discussions on Twitter, every Wednesday @ 8:30p.m IST #Blogchatter 🙂


New Year (2016)

New Year… More coffee & Books 🙂


New Rays, new shine,

New hope, forever divine,

Collecting the bag full of past memories,

I’m all set to live the ‘New Year’.

Opportunities abundant,

Growth unlimited,

Energy 100%,

Resolutions are all set to live in this ‘Year’ entirely.

Optimism seeking my sight,

‘Love’ & ‘Care’ to fill my home with delight,

Go set Launch this year of yours,

Am sure this year will be forever ‘Bright‘.

Lovely New Year everyone, achieve your dreams & stay positive the entire Year 🙂




It’s a tale dated 2 yrs back,

When a new creature jumps with me,

In need of a name & home,

She looks up to me,

With those cute tender eyes,

Whom i find gleaming with light,

I, thus, named her ‘Goldy‘.

Keeping her in a round vase with few of her friends,

Looking now & then cheerful,

I bore them with my not so witty talks,

But the Goldy takes interest in my talks it seems,

I, thus, include her in my girl’s gang.

Instructions that says ‘Feed Fishes carefully’,

I took every bit of care,

Days passed with lot more fun & gossips,

Suddenly, one day i saw her ‘Restless & sick’,

I find her resting more than her friends,

I try to feed more in a hope, she’ll get that energy to swim,

Then, one night she went ‘into another sphere’, an eternal sleep,

I hated her seeing lying all in peace,

As she had not even bid me Goodbye it seems,

I bid her adieu in pray of a good life,

Even to her friends which i merged into the sea, to be free, finally,

I could visualize Goldy dancing, growing up and to be a fish i always wished to see,

At times, i go to feed fishes in a pond nearby, where i get a glimpse of my one & only ‘Goldy’.

Me, gazing happily Goldy & her friend :’)

P.S : Richa on twitter today reminds me of ‘Goldy’ & thus, this post is tribute to Goldy’s memories she left behind :’)

The Silence….

Amid the chaos of daily life, 

I met silence in solitude,

He was disguised as peace,

that filled my heart with pure sense.

I shut the words,

to feel his presence,

which cures my painful nerves,

my head, heart and body,

empties all it’s messiness.

The world seems to be a better place then,

where i was centered with my friend,

we both then looked at humans running an endless sinful race,

which take them to their graves,

It’s at the pities we laughed together.

we keep flowing regardless of our true existence, let’s feel The Silence once more… 🙂

Then, with my ears wide open i heard the phone rings,

He had lost amid the chaos by that time to make me realize his worth again & all over again.

#WriteDecember 🙂