Story of a chair.

‘When people do sit on you ? How do you feel Mr. chair’, asked the human.

‘Well, i’m glad am of some use to the humankind whose so mean to throw me, kick me and hurt me thinking am inanimate object’, sobbed Mr. Chair and almost broke down when he spoke those 2 heart breaking words – inanimate objects. Handing him the handkerchief, the human heart cracked inside just to see the state he made of creatures both animate and mute around.

An ambulance was called carrying a carpenter to fix Mr. Chair’s grief – a heartbreak, clearly he showed the signs of depression, tired of serving, haunted with human presence for years.

And every news channel flooded with the reports and questions never to be answered, what kind of development is this ? Where are the rights of a chair ? Who permitted trees to be chopped off to be converted into furniture ? Who will take care of plastic ones when broken ?

Mr. Chair went through various treatments finally, unable to survive the heartbreak had to left this world with last words on his lips,’ If ever i was reborn, i’ll never be a human’.

That’s we are.

Make your human avatar of some use not misuse.

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Infinite being ❤



Who Am I ?

The last time i asked this question – Who am I ? i possibly end this with a very profound line that it’s not body that am made of, it is something eternal, that’s indivisible, cannot be destroyed and up above like you’re the spectator of most of the things going around. And this time too, few days back i asked the same question and i was convinced am not what people see me as in physical terms and at least being a descendent of God, am not that limited in my powers. Then my mind wandered to those saptrishis who were reservoirs of eternal power and bliss. I hardly doubt their powers because whatever in terms of miracles we are doing by creating new discoveries are already there around us that we have forgotten. The changed climatic conditions, scenario and what not we have spoiled as proud and brat homo sapiens.

so, back on who am I ? It raised more questions than satisfying me with an answer to calm my mind. If am a soul, then why this soul, why this body, why these activities, why am behind materialistic things, why i want to be remembered, why exactly people die, why Bhagvata Gita has so much relevance ? Why ? Why ? These Why put more Whys in my way and till i get the answers why not you ask the same question yourself – Who Am I ? 

Till next time ! May God bless you with the same question.

WOW – ‘Dear 16 year old me’

Dear Shalini Sharrma,

Hope you’re doing good because am fine here and today, I will revive your memory when you were just baby 16, that fatty, cutie 16 😀 You wished to be an engineer but the moment you were given the choice between commerce and commerce, you chose commerce and shed few tears to move on in life.

I still remember the day when you confessed to your mother that you hardly want to change your school as you love your friends and their aura but again when she gave the argument of ‘You’re a way smarter in terms of making friends. You hardly have to worry about making friends’ and you had to chose between new school and new school, so you chose new school where you entered with baby steps keeping that heartbeat at a normal rate. And within a month you had so many amazing classmates to call friends and from where you got your 2 besties.

There and then you decided you’ll be an entrepreneur as you love business with ethics, ethics was something your focus was on since you got introduced with the subject and your favorite teacher, the one and only Rajni mam who’s again business studies teacher whom you adore and respect alot irrespective of the entire class who called her ‘Hitler’. Her hopes and love for you was immense and not to forgot that leopard like reading speed with which you always amaze your colleagues and teacher with and that scholar of your class, always requesting you to go a bit slow in reading lessons and in turn you increase your speed and conclude the chapter in few minutes (Let go that fatty scholar with green coat, he will surely read this again at home) 😀

That canteen samsosa which was you and your bestie’s favorite, your hyper attention and activeness during games period and decision to play Kho – Kho and then Judo at state level. To skip classes and then make an excuse of being a sports girl, preparing for matches 😀  That first stance of infatuation – that maturity which was yet to come to differentiate love and attraction and to settle your attraction for a friend, making him your best friend forever.

Studying whole heartedly to be independent, preparing for every single chotu test and scoring full marks in that. Shattered dreams whenever you score less than that, that stupid quest of being at top. Falling and picking up yourself and partially by parents to ensure that you learn life lessons properly. That new excitement to try everything in dress, sports and bunk (although, i hardly bunk).

And that stupid declaration that you’ll be married by 24, amazing all your other friends who were better at wedding plans and all 😉

That stupid holi celebrations that you always hid from and just forcefully attacked by your friends and family, that care free nature about your skin and using every other product fearlessly, how much you have changed in skin care perspective at least 😀

The 1st time you read Shiv Khera’s YOU CAN WIN that brain stormed the perspective that others gave you and your eye popping reaction to that new world full of positive energy and possibilities that eventually transformed you as a READER you’re now.

To give up the stage fear and prove your confident self. I loved the way you were so exciting, spirited and adventurous, giving outlet to every single new thing you want to try. Now, in my 20s as am becoming an adult, i am realizing my heart no longer wants to play out as it used to. Although, am still fun loving, kiddish at heart, a learner and still dream to be an entrepreneur, nature of a person hardly changes. Right 😉

Dear, 16 year old me. Don’t you worry your Shalini is just the same with new software of adults installed and still wish to experience every adventure sport of the world 😀

With Love

One and only Shalini Sharrma

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Cheers ! continued…

Cheers ! he was down the lane to enjoy his new job appointment as a mason. His job appeared to him pretty simple, just to put that cloth on his head, fetch few bricks and arrange them to make it a proper house and since he was working under the constructor so he had to work accordingly, using no mind of his own, just doing what he instructed and at the end of the day he was in possession of rupees 300. ‘Isn’t it amazing?’ he thought. No due, instant payment and after a span he’ll manage to take few holidays and will enjoy a bit more.

‘Cheers’ all of his friends said in union. They drank all night and slept in the same meeting park and woke up late with heavy head and a sort of dizziness. Mahi was vulnerable there and then he decided to never celebrate like this again. Picked up himself and washed his face from the tubewell water to wake his spirits up and to rush to his newly found work. He was literally running as fast as he could so as to save every minute for giving not a single chance to his boss to cut his wages due to being late.

‘Phewww..’ he saw the preparations was going on to start the work and he was finally, on time. He just put on his cloth and get to work without getting noticed. Picked more bricks than usual to impress the boss but the inside pain was unbearable. At last when he reached the 1st story of the building, he unloaded all in a go that let him lie flat on his back when all of a sudden the non properly cemented bricks fell on his head, injuring him there in the cerebellum.

But to his surprise he was not at all hurt, strangely he was in so much enthusiasm and energy that he got up to get his hands on his work when he realized there was no work in the place, he was in a school with an odd uniform unlike other children. Studying and sitting on those dusted benches. He collected and put himself to the last bench so as nobody could notice. Today, the teacher was telling about DESTINY, how few people possibly the great celebrities did to change their lives. He was clearly unaware of those and felt like running away when the last line reached his ears that froze him forever. The teacher emphasised on words,’You are the master of your destiny, nobody else could decide who you want to be, no matter what you’re at present you can always be whatever you want to’. His mind was busy grasping the statement when he raised left hand and asked in hesitation,’ Mam..mam.. can i be The President of our country’. The other students laughed out loud and giggled on his rag like appearance. He was stoned to embarrassment that drenched his cheeks with tears. Unable to even coo his pain, he sat down from where he picked himself up in excitement. Teacher just reached him, took out the handkerchief and wiped his tears to let his eyes clearly met her for her to said those words,’Yes, you can and if anybody has doubts, let them live and laugh at their state but you.. you go ahead and reach for your aim’. She said those words with such confidence that he was moved entirely from head to toe as if that eye contact had hypnotised him, forgetting his pathetic, animal like state.

Then all of a sudden he felt a bucketful of water being poured to his clothes, he opened his eyes in a fit of amazement and watched the people circling around him, shouting out his name but he preferred to get lost in his new powerful, possible state. He was given the first aid and the work continued but this time Mahi worked harder – to earn and to learn. He enrolled himself to a nearby school to continue his studies and mostly found with a book in his hand en route to work, his friends missed him dearly but his passion had griped his throat so as to let him die for it.

‘…That’s what you do when you have found your passion, passion to be something, to burn in that fire inside, to let yourself be staked for that one thing in life. so, what’s yours in this case. Think about it’. ‘Thank you so much honorable President for your passionate words for our school children, am sure they will find their one thing that they strive for, very soon. Thank you very much sir’ the host cheered out on his story that he told to the students. All gave him a standing ovation for his will and determination to be exceptional in his life.

Mahi has an added responsibilities these days, to handle the entire Nation, a vision to take his words, country ahead so as to always Cheers !

Till next time !

You are free to add on your views on Mahi’s change of destiny ?

Girl’s day in.

So, that was exactly when day before yesterday i suffered cold like situation when i decided to just give myself the complete bed rest. That day i realized the most difficult thing for me was silencing my thoughts and how to cheer myself up so that i’ll recover faster than expected. I planned everything in the morning, the rest, the new things i would do and all the other new things am going to try which i left long back, just because i grew up and act like any grown up – Being Busy . Trust me, there’s nothing like growing up, only the physical state grows up or in some others, mental state and in most of the cases we acquire everybody else’s state of mind, repressing one’s own.

so, first of all i decided to give away all the technology which tires me mostly than even the loads of physical work in a row. And i felt energised the entire day even in cold like situation because i restrain myself from tiring my eyes in not so good social media A/cs.

The next thing i did to figure out what i left long back, any hobby, any happy thing am not doing which am missing due to being busy and the only thing that came to my mind was Drawing and coloring, so quickly i located my brushes and colors to color the blank sheet of paper with something kiddish, see what i did.



Closed my eyes and thought of my kind of universe and just drew this 😊

Then I coloured :

Isn’t it cute ? Full of life 💕

And I feel good 😊😊


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Cheers !

‘Cheers’ he said to his friends which he made recently at that park where after work they all meet and greet, just to let the entire frustration of the soul out in few pegs of Desi daaru (beer).

‘Cheers’ all brought their glasses close to others and cheered out loud in unity. All seemed happy although, the entire life situation of their suck, suck from head to toe. Deep down inside all 4 were broken, drowned in their helplessness which this glass of beer saved them from and helped them at least to yell out their concerns for a time being. As far as Mahendra recalled, he started drinking at an early age of 15-16 when he was forced to get work and was actually, suspended from his school for eve teasing her female classmate, deep down inside he knew it was more than eve teasing, he just let his hands move freely to the unexplored puberty reached fellow who was in a way taking pride of his crush on her but almost shocked when a teacher caught the two in an empty classroom, comforting each other. The least she did was to manipulate the situation so as to escape narrowly and she was successful but Mahi was not. So, the principal in fear of a rebel or reporters, expelled him. That day was the last day of hope of being something in life, the bright light of the day descended upon him like an eclipse shadowing the only hope he had. It took him time to got over it but he did with being high on drugs first and then finding love in Desi daaru (beer) which is comparatively cheap and keeps him warm during cold, scary nights.

The day news of his expulsion was heard by his mother, the only member of the family. She threw him out of her house, entirely disowning him and putting all the blame on her destiny and moved on.. How easily people move on in this country.. Worth speculating.

He was homeless, empty stomach and hope less, so he quickly accepted the cadre of thieves. Enjoying few days of food, drugs and if lucky sex. It was like heaven for him, no studies, no restrictions and no much much. Till he was asked to join the work and can’t say why his conscience don’t let him be successful in this well established business, so they threw him as quickly as they let him in.

Mahi had no choice he went on and looked out for work till he found his destiny being shaped as a mason. But those bricks had another interesting turn for his life which will define and unfold as to exactly why and how he turned out to be President of a Nation ?

Tune in to find out.. Till next time !

Pick up your ✒ and continue the story 😊

Put on your thinking hats and guess how Mahi turned so successful amid those bricks ? Help Mahi to be The President 😊 

Ice cream vala… (Exit)

Ice cream vala… (Entry) was full on mysterious and it was absurd on his part to part with the children of koharpur and the people who felt happy seeing him. He never turned back to see if ever they all miss him or not. With time people do forget the grief or wounds and after all, he was just an ice cream vala. He didn’t go out of his house after that day, sitting whole day long in the confinements of the house with bars chained to his body to control himself. He was uncontrollable at times. He realized this and took measures which impacted him in a whole new way.

Hope visit him every day, sunlight regenerate that state of being alive in his mind but he blocked all the passages of light and chose to remain in dark. He laughed at one moment and started crying the other. It was difficult for him to understand why he was torturing himself and too like this. Neighbors gossiped about his being within the clutches of some evil spirit that won’t let him live normal. Hardly any one went to see him but if by mistake some one tried to meet him, he slammed the door on his face and shouted him to leave.

It was strange, within a night what happened that he changed a lot, his ability to think and work vanished. Even his neighbors did all sorts of pooja outside his house to shoo away his evil spirit and once forced him to come out in day light to be part of the pooja which tantrik wanted him to be at but to everyone’s surprise initially, he was docile but gradually got up and bit the tantrik on his hands that started bleeding. In haphazard , he walked on 4 legs and got himself in the house again, all locked and safe. People never tried it again ever and keep the outskirts of his house clear. No animals were found loitering near by and if by mistake they tried to go near the house, only their corpse is found on which vultures and eagles feed upon.

No body knows why that generous ice cream vendor turned in that state of his. Till the municipality officers came to confiscate his land for the non payment of property tax and they were shocked when they break the door after repeated warnings to let them in.

He was seated on his 2 legs, knee bend his 2 hands were straight up folded downwards from the palm, his eye balls all wide opened, almost red with sleeplessness and his tongue all out like a dog. He had turned into a dog salivating all around. He leaped on one of the officer and bit him until he started bleeding, till the time he turned to the other one, he was given continous blows on his head that laid him DEAD finally.


The city was in chaos with the constant reporting of an ice cream vala who turned into a dog not like that faithful animal but dangerous enough to hurt so many. On the walls the investigators found his story being pictured as ice cream vala and the place of khoharpur till he was bitten by that dog from the woods. People claimed to see that dog at night, half wolf – half dog and half human, a carrier of shadow of an evil, a mystery unsolved till now. 😱

Till next time !


Do let me know how you liked it and if any other more scary possible ending on your mind ? 😊

Ice cream vala… (Entry)

“Ice cream vala… ice cream vala” shouted kids from behind and the vendor had to speed up his cart so as not to get attacked by the naughty excited kids. He was the only vendor of that street who visit the place of Koharpur every day. He knew he earn less out of all the day’s hard labor of selling ice creams that sometimes get spoiled on its way to the customers but what stick him to this business was the smile that he brought on faces for just half Anna. Children talked about him more, their parents told stories about him and every day, every one awaited clock to struck 4 for them to watch that lovely scenario. All of them just buzz out of their houses to see the beauty encircling around the ice cream vala, irrespective of the  scorching sun that’s yet to cool himself down.

“One by one or i’ll give nothing to anyone. Understand. Say Yes”

“Nooooo….” All children shouted in union. They knew he won’t be saying no for this delicious ice berg and along with the ice berg in their hands he will narrate a story which as always far delicious than the stuff in their hands. Now, with all the halla gulla by children, he sat down under the shade of a tree with his cart parked at proper a place surrounding kids of the koharpur.

“Kaka, Cinderella vali story” pleaded a cute little girl who adore Cinderella a lot.


“No, kaka only superman vala story” said a boy in full authority, eyeing the cute little girl. ‘Okay, okay no fight or such emotions. I don’t know who cinderelllla was or superman..nn. But i know of a story which you all can hear’.

Once there was a king who was very fond of clothes, he had every expensive pair of clothes. One day one of his ministers requested him to see the man who claimed that he could make clothes out of gold and king in curiosity called him in, provided him with every sort of material and gave him a definite time to work on it. Minister in order to check his daily proceedings, went up to the weaver and asked how much cloth he made out of the gold till now. He presented in front of him the invisible thread and how he weaved the entire thread out of that machine, adding whosoever wasn’t able to see this – was surely incompetent for the post held. Minister in utter foolishness to save his compatibility to the position nodded yes to the thing he was doing. After a month when king asked him to bring the cloth he bring on the invisible lies and told the same thing as he told to the others. To king’s surprise every other court men appreciated him but they knew there was nothing for sure. King held a gathering where he presented his new attire to his people who laughed silently keeping their heads down. But one boy shouted out all of a sudden,” Why, the King is all nude”.Hence, the foolish king got embarrassed of his foolishness that robbed him of all his gold, just by a commoner.

So, moral is to act wisely and speak up when you think something is not right. To live a life full of wisdom and confidence, instead of being a sycophant.

The entire group of kids laughed out, falling down from this side to that not able to believe the king was so foolish. They slowly made way for the ice cream vala to wind up for that day. He left the kids in amusement of the story, watching them smile and getting ready to play out now. The sun was about to set. He packed his cart, count his earnings and got ready to leave.

He never came back again, the streets of koharpur never saw him again, people talked, gossiped and then adapt accordingly forgetting the ice cream vala. But in soft whisper his story is being told numerous times by the old people of koharpur, alerting the kids of the house to be aware of the ice cream valas.



The restless nights, the heart break,

entire day i spend in over thinking,

for that one thing that’s missing in my life,

and many crop up in a second.

The void, the love, the success and what not,

decisions i took long back,

appeared the worst choices of my life.

Unable to keep my head at rest,

i dived into depression,

until i understand,

the air i breathe is a blessing,

the water i drink is a blessing,

the food on my table is a blessing,

the family i have is a blessing,

the education i have is a blessing,

the job i have is a blessing,

the trees around me is a blessing,

the sky on my roof is a blessing,

the rain during monsoon is a blessing,

the coffee on my table is a blessing,

the love that nature showers is a blessing,

and then,

all of a sudden,

clouded mind cleared,

to seek the best i own,

maybe i have no super rocket things,

but the happiest is one,

who knows how to live the blessings to the fullest,

and create plenty out of it.

P.S. Take a minute to count your blessings not complaints and am sure blessings will weigh heavier than complaints. Because life is not perfect and should never be perfect.

Till next time !