Rakshas over humans. Here’s why ? #WriteDecember


If you have read any Indian mythology there’s reference to Rakshas or demons if i can translate it right. I wonder why we hate being one of them like don’t get me wrong, lately i was struck with the notion why as to why Rakshas always won the favor of one or the other God, knowing the fact that he/she will misuse the power he’s about to earn. WHY ? How can a God be so fool to shower an important power to that kind of demon ?

Then something rings in my ear – WHY NOT ? After all no matter how evil their desires and wishes be, they were atleast true to themselves and cares to show themselves the way they are, keeping their intention either bad or good, absolutely clear unlike HUMANS these days, they are totally hypocrites masking their bad intentions and nature under the veil of goodness having a filthy heart that ultimately blocks the way to god’s grace, so in that case i consider Rakshas to be much better than today’s HUMANS.

What do you think about it ?

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


Celebrate being a girl #WriteDecember


How often i have heard girls boasting of being ‘Tom Boyish’ or imitating like boys so as to prove being bold and worthy. 

Let me ask you girls this one single question, Who are you then ? hiding your own identity under the mask of the dominating sex. Where do you place yourself then ? *Sigh* no ? Limiting your super girl powers by disguising to something you hardly resemble (exceptions are always there, am talking girls in general). Even i used to be like that but not anymore. Girls by nature so strong and bold that’s why we are being showered with power of reproduction, it’s entirely one’s choice to exercise it or not but think that’s why we do hold, up most position in nature. If you closely observe we 100% resemble NATURE. The one that let the life going, nurture, nourish and ensure its survival (Men are always at war either with themselves or the world)  we believe in peace, living and what not making it a better world that’s why we call us better half. I wonder why Hindus limit girls to only as LAXMI or just a material gain, she’s whole, complete in herself and she not only brings prosperity but change in ideology too. She can fight her ways out whenever needed, multi task (almost every time) and if she choose to she has the power to end the life on Earth.

It’s sad to know that we underestimate being a girl, girl is liability even in this present 21st century, we all resort to Girl-girl jealousy instead of massively supporting our sex. We stick to petty issues like beauty, flattery etc… Instead of contemplating over our super powers to make this world much better place. We almost rule our household, then why not the world ? Why we still need to hide behind men, no nothing wrong in it but it’s like saying na to your highest potential. Ponder over it girls and spread #GirlLove (concept by my fav. Girl our one and only superwoman aka Lily Singh).

Till next time ! Am proud and blessed to be a girl, do you ?


Infinite Being (chosen for a role of a girl) ❤

5 things am learning from my daughter.

Being mumma is challenging and yes ! Much opportunity to learn from lovely kid too. So, here’s the list what am learning these days :

  • TRUST : One of the ingredients to every beautiful relation in the world but here my lovely expands that definition & trust the entire universe to whatever is happening to her.
  • Expression : She’s and every new born infant express completely, truly and fearlessly. From crying her heart out to laughing with her toothless smile.
  • EXPLORE : She loves new things and want everyone to be creative in terms of pampering her (quite a tough job ! ).
  • ACTIVE : She knows how lazy her mom is so she makes sure to inculcate in her habit of early rising and kicking and punching with her legs and hands to stay active all day. (I’m betting on her that she’ll be an awesome boxer some day! ) 😀
  • SMILE : Last but not the least, she smiles every single day more so when she woke up to boast her face value and face the day.

Well, that’s not the END let me inculcate those first before i switch on to new ones. Meditate upon them, maybe they can help you too.

Stay Amazing !

Love :

Infinite Being ❤img_20151004_151003

Lesson 1

The day you arrived,

I was happy as hell,

To welcome the newness,

The natural process of reproduction of this world,

You hold on to my utreus,

Like a rope to climb the ladder of life,

Growing, feeling, thinking every sense of being alive,

Love that my body showers and still showering amidst the storm,

You hold on tight to your mom’s senses,

To bring solace to her nerves,

Her never ending struggle with the world around,

Carrying you all these months is like carrying a part of myself with care,

The moment you’ll be out,

You’ll still be the part i never want to part with,

Keep that smile, remember and that strength to strengthen your being forever,

That’s what the first lesson your mom’s teaching you this teacher’s day for your new life.

Love :

Infinite Being ❤

A Girl

I was bided by chance,

To a man who loves to make me cry,

Harass by all means- Mental, physical, sexual,

Tried to numb my pain,

People call it adjustment,

I call it death,

Death of my being, identity, my true self, my freedom

Suffocating me to a whole new level with means abundant,

I staked my life twice in attempts to suicide,

Wondering maybe next life will bring shine,

Surfing lots of videos on divorce hardly helped,

Procedure seemed lengthy plus full of stress,

Then i was one day blessed with a child,

Thinking him/her to be my angel,

I again compromised,

I silently cried my heart out to the child,

The child respondes in what language – i can’t say,

Jumping inside very hard he/she made his/her opinion,

I got thankful atleast the child have some emotions,

Meanwhile, harassment continues now to a whole new level,

With an unsuccessful attempt to murder me & my child to mental torture,

I cried & cried thinking of horror i experienced that day of losing 2 lives,

Burn the books that bind a girl to this miserable state,

Let the vows of marriage be declared all fake,

Let no girl be duped by these monsters seeking educated girl with dowry,

Let no parent ever spend on girl’s marriage instead of her education,

Let nobody be given right to bound a girl when she wants to leave,

Let her go, let her go,

As a girl of dignity or as a restless ghost.

-Infinite Being ❤

Blog Anniversary.

Today, my blog officially turned 3. Much grown up by this time. Although, i started posting on it almost regularly by the end of December 3 years back. I still remember the time and the circumstances that lead to its birth – ‘Just to scribble’ and cool down the aching heart full of void and unsaid words. This has been quite an interesting journey since then. Writing, sharing, reading new people over here, learning new things and just babbling even for no reason. WordPress is the best platform for those who like to scribble all alone like me, sometimes for a reason else just the random thoughts to quiten the voices inside the head. I hope this relationship of mine with Infinite Being will continue till infinity or uptil am capable of handling it as a mortal being and may it grows bigger and better every way.

Cakes and drinks for every reader and follower 😀  Enjoyyyy !!!!! 🎂

Added bonus 💝

Love from :

Infinite Being 💝



No words, monotony,

Lack of something valuable,

Struck upon the maze leading nowhere,

Round and round,

No escape,

All alone, just me – no YOU,

Captured angel,

Flapping her wings to no use,


But what ?

The lost paradise,

Paper all blank,

Ink that stains the psyche,

Colorless dreams,

No escape,

All alone, just me – no YOU,


The mind, the heart and the soul,

Paper that used to speak,

All silent, all alone,

Ink – all dried now,

It’s time to go,

No escape….

From :

Infinite Being 💝

IMG_20150318_203032 (2)


I have no name,

No identify,

Call me anything,

Love or hate,

Doesn’t matter,

Am still there lying lifeless,

Brooding over the past,

What went wrong or

Am on the right others still lost ?

Counting the days,

When was the last time I smiled ?

Heavy heart,

Yearn for my own self,

I lost long back…..


From :

Infinite Being 💝old-1130743_1920


Story time.

He was all there alone, sitting under that peepal tree and counting something day and night. He loves to watch kids playing out there – different sorts of games, sometimes – football, cricket and at times just running to catch each other’s arms. He always smile to the lovely beauty around him and his favorite sport is to park his wheelchair under that same peepal tree and count and count and watch.

I felt confused observing this behavior of his, so one day i approached him to ask – ‘Hey, what do you count all day long ?’ with a smile he returned the reply,’ The blessings i have that all these kids lack and you know that am winning already in this game’.

That was amazing, an awakened child – lots of physical obstructions, still happy and content maybe that’s what i need to count everyday to win this game of mine 🙂

Story time

By :

Infinite Being ❤




I was born with wings to fly,

but i hardly know i was tagged ‘second sex’,

my wings were cut, broke into pieces,

the day i was sold for societal terms,

to enter into relationship,

not meant for me.

I screamed, i shouted, i suffered,

till i decide to free myself,

to get over suicidal instincts,

and to trust myself, try to regain what i lost in the process,

to free my voice and spread the wisdom of being free.

from :

Infinite Being ❤