Sometimes all you need is a change to …………..

Let you breathe and muster everything all over again 🤨


Infinite Being 💗


Death! What’s new?

I know title is weird as every mystery revolves around Death and people are mad searching about it. But I want to ask you all what’s new? Today, a soul in our neighborhood left for another journey. The scene was all negative full of tears, despair and all that melodrama .. yes, I’ll use that word – Melodrama even though that person lived for 85 years. Comm’n I felt like dancing for that person’s life span. That person had great grandsons and daughters. How could you cry for that person? And that too loudly in order to impress the crowd. It’s time to celebrate death, crying is too overwhelming. Isn’t it? I read in India various communities do celebrate death. Now that’s something NEW!

Well, what’s new? That person’s life span, life, success .. nothing was that great and new. It’s time we see beyond the fear of death to live a remarkable life instead of for those numbers that hardly matter!

Let’s celebrate.

Hope you got the point! So, what’s new?

Love 💗

Infinite Being 💗

You’re not connected…

You’re not connected….

Whenever she tries to open up browser of her heart all she got is this : ‘YOU’RE NOT CONNECTED’. Weird, she does everything she needs to and even introspect but why that pops up every single time? That too with that same message. It’s hard to figure out now but she has decided to give it a look. She prepared a list of possible defaults and that’s what she got as a result:

-Lonely without a company.

-Not yet fully connected to her main server.

-Without a specific source or passion.

-Fix your problem using an expert.

Now, when she has figured out everything, it seems all are her concerns. “From where to start”, says she and then breathed out. Oxygen do bring in more clarity but not enough to identify how to overcome these. She is not in a position to reboot herself, it’s quite difficult when she’s at this stage fixing virus in her system. Maybe, she’ll turn off and check if she’s able to connect once again. Not quite sure as she has been doing this every day when asleep but as soon as the system is ON all is back to haunt her. Refreshing will hardly help, she needs some expert help. It was hard for her to jump on no.4 when she knew that she could’ve tried passing all the levels from 1 to 3. There’s no time …..

Sometimes all we need is to connect ourselves to our heart and a little help. He knows the way out.

Keep smiling

Love :


Infinite Being ❤

Steps ahead…

Image credit : Quick Meme

I tread on them,


without caring about where to go,

I jump off that floor,

waving to my hair below,

moving ahead without a lamp,

I want to take a risk of leaving behind,

my footprints…

my memories…

that one day will be cleaned,

for others to tread ON.


Infinite Being ❤

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It’s time to rest and reflect.. that time of the year. “I don’t want to look back,” says my mind. “Let’s clear all blockages I created this year”, exclaimed the heart. Now, am done and there’s no glass to look back. Blinded my vision to that past and now moving on with my binoculars.

Till next time!

Infinite Being ❤

Mere Kalam se…

आज मिलना लिखा था, 

सो मिल ही गये रास्ते, 

कल बिछड़ने मे आसू कम निकले, 

चलो मंज़िलो को प्यार करे,  

कब तक दिल संभालोगे, 

वो तो कब का जा चुका है, 

प्यार संभाल के करना, 

यह दुनिया ना दिल और ना प्यार के लायक है 

Love :

Infinite Being ❤


That’s how am feeling….

He came to me, all alone,

rolled up his sleeves,

preparing for work, i guess,

I was still standing there calm,

engrossed in my chores,

he hugged me, suddenly,

all prepared, he entered my soul,

leaving no print for others to figure out,

Negativity maddened me with his words full of despair,

I shouted and he stood there, all laughing,

I asked for help but was of no help,

the light had already faded inside me to stand straight and feel alive.

Till next time!

Infinite Being ❤

Finally, that time of year….

Finally, it’s that time of year when you’re about to say good bye to another chapter of your life and start drafting the first chapter. You look up to trash section and it’s time to fill stuff there, removing weeds from this year’s album and hiding things that you no longer interested in showing. Making goals, keeping promises and a long inhale to exhale CO that others suffocated you with, all this year. It’s time to clean up the mess and chaos created by your heart. Let go…. everyone, evey thought and every second that reminds you of being alone, battling for a life. It’s that time of year to say goodbye to all those cute, lovely and amusing moments that brought smile to your life. 

Let’s start afresh…. to be a new self again 🙂

Till next time !

Infinite Being ❤

Life lessons from babies’ bags.

Yesss  …. You can learn life lessons anywhere – from a motivational book, your own experiences or from anywhere. But if you want to change your beliefs or you need concrete proofs of our basic nature long forgotten because of inappropriate conditioning by so called elders, spend ample time with a baby who’s not so conditioned to meet the society’s expectations and still enjoys FREEDOM.

Here’s a list i had concrete proofs of :

Dance to your own tune : It’s common among us but as we grow we become slave to others. Babies always create their own tune and dance freely whenever they want to.

Obstacles as growing blocks : I deliberately create obstacles with my legs to see what will my baby do and to my surprise instead of retreating, she actually used it to reach the top of the table. Interesting, how we adults see obstacles as obstacles only that’s why we fail to grow.

Speak less but speak effectively : Babies can coo or babble or make any other sound yet they remain silent but when they speak everyone’s eyes, ears all on them. Effectiveness of speaking less which increases the value of words or human.

Enjoy every season to the fullest (100%) : Babies live without barriers, they fall one time cry as hard as they can and smile the other, almost losing their sanity. We cry … Almost fearful for showing tears, hide them and one day those stagnant emotions throw us in depression. So, cry as hard as you can and smile as louder as you want to. Let other be jealous of how expressive you are.

Unconditional love (even when someone hurt or hate you) : Babies hold no grudge for anyone therefore they have clear flow of universal energy that keep them energetic whole day and obvious that’s why we call them ‘Gods’.

Try, try but never cry : Babies try a lot, fall, then keep trying till they hold expert in it. We have long forgotten this trial and error technique. Get it back to live better.

Exploiting opportunities to the fullest : Whenever my baby has an opportunity to be mischievous she uses it, no matter if she gets a slap or rebuke. She just do it.

Trust the process not the result : Babies love to trust the universe and its divine order that we have hard time to believe in. They trust the person holding, caring or hurting them. That’s why they are simple yet powerful.


Ego – Less : They have no identity issues, can get along with almost anyone and don’t even care to boost their MAGIC they do everyday on everyone.

Always in search of NEW : They always need newness in everything, the way they eat -they even try it upside down, on the go and want every old toy to have something new to offer else they refuse to play with it.

Always playing even while working : Work is actually play for them that’s why even if that work doesn’t work they still have guts to play with something else that suit. We adults are so burdened with work. No ? Now get your answer yourself. why ?

Magician : Last but not the least they are real magicians to turn any impossible task, possible. Learn something from them – You spoilt (including me) adults 😀

So, i don’t think i need to say more. Just UNLEARN and ACHIEVE.

Stay amazing !

Love :

Infinite Being ❤