So, important a word in today’s age. We all have different kind of fears but most of them are the ones, other people have conditioned in us.

Yesterday, i saw a little girl chasing a stray dog touching him, calling him and playing like he’s her pet (It was not), dog tried to be patient with her mischiefs and choose the other way but she was so fearless to chase him and trying to touch him, seeing that her grandmother is alerting her continuously from a bench at a distance, she hardly cared and continue with her business. She was finally taken by her Grandma and instructed not to do this again.

Image : Mourguefile

I wonder that girl was so innocent and fearless that even dog showed a sense of patience with her changing his way. He was not at all looked annoyed. And she was not hurting him in any ways (just playing).

Then why her grandma need to inculcate a sort of fear in her mind regarding that stray dog ? Or is parents and grandparents are so overprotective defining our fears ? 


Boards Parinde :D

I remember the time I was in boards,
All hooked up in studies and loads,
Just to score that stupid 90% & above,
To make sure I’ve more to do and best to be done,
Now, at an age where it’s all a history,
I laugh out seeing the faces of Boards Parinde,
Who study and worry endlessly,
I won’t be telling them Do’s & Don’ts,
Just one thing before i go,

Believe in yourself and life will definitely be easy

That’s all I know.

That's how i felt when i attempt my boards πŸ˜€

I remember being on Tv fast when i reached my board class. Thanks to my parents that i hate watching Tv now πŸ˜€
What’s your experience being a Board Parinda ????

P.S : Boards are exams in Indian system that decides your field of higher studies and parents usually make a havoc of it every time.


Who am I ?

It's time to know Who am I ?

The moment i gained consciousness, i had a strange experience. I was screaming loudly and clearly for others to hear me but they were still crying on my corpse which was lying contently on a mat. I was shocked to see that.

I wondered Who am I ? If not that body, name, identity, designation that this world gave me or i acquired. Then exactly who am I ?

Amid the confusion, someone patted my shoulder and said “You’re immortal and beautiful soul, that’s your identity”. By the time i was able to ask more it had left in that static state.

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Blog together, to blog better πŸ™‚


Dear 30 year Old me.

I believe when i’ll grow and reach 30 yrs of my this avatar.

We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience ~ Anonymous

I’ll be more mature, have a full fledged library and feel more secure in my life than am today. I’ll keep reading and teaching (one of the thing i’ll never give up), maybe by the time i have a loving spouse and cute kids to take care of but i will still love to find time for myself amid busyness. I’ll be able to cook octopus (Hahah.. Just kidding, my mom will kill if she read this) by then, who knows. Most importantly, I’ll be what i really dreamed of ‘It’s secret’ and will probably publish a book which am trying hard to complete.

Sometimes am not able to understand my parents, by then i’ll be thanking my mom & dad for all the efforts they put in my parenting. I still want to visit Mountains twice a year just to feel again and again the fun of reading at an altitude, maybe i’ll be that motivated to scale Mt. Everest and click myself from the top cuddling a book πŸ˜€

It will be fun to continue drinking coffee and reading greedily (every newspaper and magazines) on Sundays, refusing to work at all on that day. To be dusting off my books from my shelf and recollecting memories. I don’t know if Twitter will exist but i’ll miss the new buddies i bonded up which i initially and gradually made. I’ll still be following Mr. Ruskin Bond and Robin sir’s words. To listen to Eminem raps, Bieber’s soft tracks and dance madly to Every rock and roll songs. I’ll be looking back at my stupid, crazy photos and laugh at every single immature thing i did and doing in my 20s. So, dear 30 year old me don’t doubt or fear, you’ll just the same as you were with bit modifications installed πŸ™‚

Let's grow fearlessly πŸ™‚

What’s your opinion being 30 years old ? What you really want to be/ see yourself when you reach this age ?


Letter of concern #WeeklyPrompt

The Earth dwellers,
Third planet,

Dear Home sapiens,

Hope you’re good and working well. Writing this letter after so many years, i guess and am not sure if anyone else has written to you before or not. You all are so intellects and somewhat superior because you all have a mind which separates you from other beings. You know well that you’re spoiling the Earth with your dirty/ waste inventions and claiming superiority in every sphere, here actually, you lack the common sense that’s why your Ancestors always talked of peace of mind that you’re losing everyday, becoming more busier, passionate and excited to settle even on other planets, destroying the one which gave/gives you and the Generations – a shelter, means of living and love in the form of nature.
I know you’ll counter attack me by mentioning the advantages all this madness have brought you ‘The inventions have increased the life span , gives better connectivity, made us more luxurious and have even solved mysteries of the universe”. Well, let me tell you one thing that logic never works everywhere take any example of a miracle in your day to day life, by increasing the life span you’ve created more environmental disorder with your new technologies that has given rise to new and incurable diseases thereby, destroying the natural immunity among us, for what you said ‘Connectivity’ it has distanced you even from your inner self forget about the others. You’ve made your life a sort of facade which appears so beautiful but is too hollow from the core as you have no tuning with your own soul. With luxury you’ve increased the troubles by depending upon idiot boxes too much for entertainment, warmth, food etc. Every thing has lost it’s true value and as far as mysteries are solved whether that of planets or universe you’re simply wasting your time, why not to make the place better where you live, it’s people calmer than waging wars for a piece of land and make every single creature coexisting happier than conquering everything.

I don’t know how you’ll react but trust me you’re on a wrong way. You truly not care about your own race and mindlessly destroying the hundred and years old natural made creation called Mother Earth. Just do one thing take a deep breath, sit quietly and introspect for a minute or two to measure the damage you’ve already done + is doing to Our Earth. Looking forward for your reply on that.

Yours truly
One among You.

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Staring – An act decoded

Have you ever wondered Why ‘Staring’ is such an extraordinary phenomenon ? It changes with every stare and situations. We all love to stare – some at plants, some landscapes, some person (it’s harassing with eyes though ! ) , some words etc. Some stares are welcoming while others annoying.

Let’s look at types of stares :

1. Shocking stare : Whenever a stare that stretches eyebrows a bit in an elevated position, thereby, widening the eyeballs is ‘Shocking Stare’.
For eg : When you hesitantly tells your dad,” I hit the car with Pole today , dad” and he’s like staring you back with wide eyeballs for a second followed by a silence then *boom* πŸ˜€

2. Content stare : A stare that hardly strains our eyes, every part of face is so content and pacifying that one can view calmness inside them.
For eg : Staring a Mountain range, it’s so calm and composed a stare.

3. Harassing stare : A stare every girl hates, it’s just like raping with eyes. Some people (esp. Loafers) stare constantly while in a bus, Metro or any eating outlet as if they have nothing else to stare. Those jerks deserve a Punch.

4. Depressing Stare : A kind of stare we usually do when we’re done with a thing/situation, no more, no hope and usually depressed people do this often before they commit such meek act of suicide. Life has situations when we all fall down but that shouldn’t trigger us to take that stupid step. Time has to change isn’t it ? So, hope for the best every time.

5. Focussed stare : Stare we do while meditating on a dot or a point to increase our focus in everyday life. It’s always the best form of stare that will benefit just by bringing tears in your eyes.
Try it !

A self drawn staring looks

So, these were the types of stares. If i missed anything, comment section is always open to add upon it.
Till then keep staring.. Ops.. I mean my blog i’ll never mind.
Bbye  πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚