C for Creation… #atozchallenge #motivation

Creation – arranging, making or ordering something that result in new things being created in all new manner. Most of the time, it lead to astounding discoveries, still i wonder why people are happy destroying when one can live much happier and fulfilling life by creating the positive circumstances, relations and thus, creative NATION.

Creation always brings one to a level of introspection to make it moreΒ better and ultimately the BESTΒ If you look closely the lives of any great personality- what all they do have in common is ” They create every single day, piece by piece.”

Create something today πŸ™‚

Creation is an everyday business ~ Shalini Sharrma

It will help your brain to stay creative the entire day and the moment your brain is under the spell of creation, you’ll have plenty of awesome ideas for your targets.

Tips & Tricks : You can start creating by joining few words to make a poem, any other piece of writing like why not to start writing a diary, solve puzzles, sketching and coloring to stay creative and in creation mode.

How do you feel after creating something ? Creation or destruction what’s your take ?


27 thoughts on “C for Creation… #atozchallenge #motivation

  1. For a tree to grow to its size takes years, but to cut it takes a few minutes. To build a building such as the World Trade Centre takes years, but to bring it down, takes but a few hours. The principle of life also is that creation and preservation takes consistent efforts and destruction takes but a few minutes.

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  2. Writing a blog post or poem always makes me feel happy. There are many people who don’t have the required talents, or time to take up the challenge of writing, but I do. Sometimes, the enormity of the whole process of creating something makes me feel overwhelmed. We writers are burdened with the responsibility of writing for the masses, and it does become a little scary. People may interpret it in a way that we didn’t originally intend them to.
    But isn’t that the whole challenge of creation? To create something perfect, which has universal application πŸ™‚
    Liked this post!

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    1. Seconded, creation is a process that always keep one content and sane. Challenging oneself in creation process is such superb – transcending one’s ideas to appeal to masses.
      Thank you so much ! πŸ™‚


  3. I am all for creation . shalini! infact right after conversations and coffee , creativity is my favourite word!
    I wonder often too why people destroy without even sparing a second thought. perhaps coz its easier ..
    while creating takes time , intellect , energy and is more often than not is beyond our means to even create something meaningful and relevant.
    Isnt that true?

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